So with all the other burning color question that must be answered, there is one that hasn't come up in a while and must be addressed. If I wear a yellow helmet and black gear should I have a yellow hood to match the helmet, black to match the gear or a contrasting color for visiblility. Same if I wear a red helmet and tan gear, or a white helmet. And should I take into consideration if I will be riding in a red truck or a yellow engine. I mean if you are not fashionable on the fireground it could set a bad tone with the residents who already think it took you too long to respond anyway. (Since you couldn't figure out if you should run your red lights with your Q siren or just blue and use the air horn on your way to the station.)

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I pray to God that you are not seriously asking this question.
Finally! Fashion! I thought we'd never get there. HOW can we possibly function on the fireground if we are NOT (making the effort to be) fashionable. ANYONE can put out a fire, but to do it, in a coordinated manner, both in terms of function as well as fashion is the key. Thanks for highlighting the importance of fashion and color coordination.
Just think Jack, maybe this is a lead in for some new reality show "Fashion Faux Pas of Firefighters".
Also would it be too much if the chrome air pack tank was added for bling or should you just color coordinate the tank with the gear and or helmet. But, oh no, what if the chrome on the tank has a gold tint and the chrome on the truck is true silver, oh lord please help me it just don't know if I will be able to get out of the station if I can't figure this out.
no not really, just thought it would fit with all the other color/make/model of everything else that is best
You guys have too much time on your hands.
Jack, I know only too well that you fully understand that it's not what you know but how you look... and you look marvelous!
I've been pushing the chrome air tank thing and also ask, why not? Just think of the reflective value. Nothing says Bling like a chromed SCBA tank!
No, we are visionaries in our own minds...
and wouldn't you know that Mariah Carey beat us to the punch with the firefighter theme meets bling thing... I did note the NYFD patch...

and some Queensland firefighters are also into the "bling thing"...

whatever floats your boat, right?

i knew they made a mistake when thet took queer eye off the air
For those "vacation stations", It`s flip flops(with black socks), burmuda shorts and plaid golf shirts and Jimmy Buffet hats...I hear my good bud CB wears that uniform now.....;)~

I found a picture of Captain Busy sporting the latest....

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