Do all the guys in your department just sit around the station and talk and take bets about the next call? ....does any one have any good stories about this or other things like this?

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well now that we are getting into the jokes lol... i earned myself a new nick-name at class last night- we where going to flip a car on its side (it is a victim extrication rescue class)---anyway we where flipping the car up and there are the little mice running around out of the car and then scurring into the wheel wells to hide and stuff to hide- well i caught them, grabbed them with my hand(had my gloves on) then they started calling me kitty-cat all night through training it was pritty funny tho---does anyone know actually how far field mice will fly?! lol
If you stuff them in the end of a 2.5 smoothbore nozzle, open the bail and then charge the hose, you can get 300-400 feet out of them!
lmfao good to know ill have to try that nent time they'r probably more aerodynamic when they fly straight anyways when i winged them across the pit they where spinnin around and all that lol
well that is just utterly stupid and extremely dangerous!!! is everyone from that drill even alive somehow and uninjured!!? WOW thats just crazy -thats one of those ,"whats wrong with this picture" moments
Good thing to do when its slow take a nap
eeeeh! sleep is over rated lol
can't say as tho i blame ya' there!
i don't know i get used to it i don't really mind too much depends on what im doin for that time
no sitting around placing bets here!from 7am-5pm is either training of some kind or doing fire plug checks ect.after 5pm is are time supper,and whatever else u wanna do !
awe lol thank you ....yea that is true-- all the guys picked on me because i didn't want firefighter 1 to end! and now that it did i can't wait for ff2 to come around! they think im nuts that i wanted that class to go even longer

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