At our monthly business meeting the body had pointed out to the equipment committee that they would like to see us purchase a tic. I would like some input on the different types out there, and how well they are working after being in service for a while. What is the best out there for the money? We are not sold on any particular make or model as of yet, but I would appreciate any input.

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We currently use a Scott TIC and it is about 7 years old and very dependable. Matter of fact this Thursday we have a Bullard representative coming out to give us a demo on the T3MAX. That is the one were going for in the next month. We were lucky enough to receive assistance from FEMA and are going upgrade finally. We're still keeping the Scott but the Bullard will be easier to carry during a fire versus the Scott. They both have pros and cons. I went to a class a couple of summers ago on TIC's and I really enjoyed Bullard. Hope that helps.
I love ours, we use it all the time!
My guess is that they are lookin at the draeger simply because your supplier is running a special which is a problem. Specials, Deals, Discounts are not reasons to buy equipment as you probably know. Bottom line is, get what best suits your needs and demands of your department. Im not saying that there is anything wrong with the Drager but it seems their opinion is skewed by you supplier. If you can, contact reps from each manufacturer set up a day to test each type and see how it works for you. Thats what our dept did and we came out pretty good. we opted with the MSA, maybe not the best with all the bells and whistles, but it suits our needs well and is very durable. Always demo all your options (within reason) before you buy sometimes if you get reps to compete you may come out with a good deal and great service plan just for them to seal the deal. we bargained with Seawestern (our MSA rep) for free labor and shipping should it ever need to be repaired as well as a discount on all parts.
In our department we use a MSA EVOLUTION 5200. We attached carabiner and sling for better management.
We have the same units. We purchased two and have had no problems. The graphics are great along with the tempeture bar for reference. We have also loaned one to th Police for night operation. Its also a locale comany being in Pittsburgh and thats a bonus if we have a problem, which has not occured. The unit can also be setup for viewing from the command post on a monitor.
If cost is an issue, try splitting it with your local squad. The other day in emt class, we were using Tics to look for victims in ejection situations along woodland areas. Just an idea...
The rep came out the day after because of our blizzard and he's given us the T3MAX and T4. Both were pretty good and I was suprised how durable they are. We threw the demo across the room and it was fine. Just like most of these thermal imagers, they come with the very basic packages. If you want extra whistles and gadgets, unfortunately, you must pay additional costs. That's the down fall.
Thanks for the input as I am passing all this information on to my equipment committee for them to investigate.
At this point cost is not an issue. We are basically looking for a comparison on the longevity of different makes and models to aid us in the purchase of a quality TIC.


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