As a newbie, we all have questions...anything pertaining to my safety, scene safety or the safety of those I work with....I ask immediately. The adage is, "the only dumb question is the unasked question"...but every now and then i hear a term or spot something and I file it away under "whatinhellisTHAT?" for later.

Post your questions here, good, bad, indifferent, dumb or asinine, it all belongs here and hopefully will be answered by our team of White Hats.
Fair warning; smart-a$$ed or belittling respsonses will be deleted, and the writer thereof will be ejected and then banned from the group.

I started this group as a judgement free zone....and it's going to stay that way or I'll know the reason why.

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I'll start.

I'm not up to speed on the mechanics of the what's a jake brake and why is it called that?
It's basically a compression reducer within the engine developed by Jacobs Vehicle Systems Inc. The energy produced within the engine to force the piston back down is removed through an exhaust valve. Without this energy the engine loses momentum and it begins to slow itself down. This is an excellent tool on dry roads. ALWAYS disengage the jake on very wet or icy roads. Otherwise it can cause the tires to lock causing loss of control. If that happens please call me, I have a file of excellent excuses I have had presented to me as to why the rig was now in the ditch. Hope this helped.
You are correct my friend. I'm told our 06 Pierce does just that. Thank you. Living proof, the Chief doesn't know everything!!
they all are exactly right about the jake brake system, and as a truck driver for 18 years they also are correct about turnning off the jake brake on slippery surfaces even when it rains not just for snow. because if u dont u could lose control of the vehicle and then u wouldnt make it 2 the call and then u possibly would need help wich could put a damper on things, and then u possibly would have 2 call in a mutual aid and put even more people at risk and we wouldnt want that so everyone please be safe.
I would like to know is : What type of nozzel do you have on your trucks and which one do you perfer? I know there are many types but we all have a special 1 in our hearts.
My preferance is a task force with pistol grip , I am able to tuck it in close and still have control.
how many different types of nozzles are there? We have a couple different ones on our first due....and those are different from the ones on our other two rigs... What are the benefits and disadvantages of the different types?
The nozzle you seem to be referring to is a combination nozzle. (fog-straight stream most with a "flush" feature) These are generally a good all purpose nozzle. I prefer a smooth bore nozzle. I tend to notice better suppression with it. You mentioned the pistol grip and keeping it held close. Something you should try is to give yourself about 3' of line over your shoulder and hold stability by force held down on the nozzle. This gives you a MUCH greater range of motion, range of control and is much easier to drag line with your shoulder into it.
Most nozzles are different in the flow, (in gallons per minute) and the type of pattern the water is delivered in. Each has it's benefits and it's disadvantages. Fog nozzles are great for hydraulic ventilation but if used on a fire the wrong way will give you a steam bath that will deliver you to the ER.
I personally love the knockdown power of a smooth bore nozzle. One thing that I have learned, from classes not experience, is that even when you turn a fog nozzle down to the straight stream, there is still a gap in the middle of the stream of water that can cause it to evaporate quicker and in some cases not make it to the seat of the fire. Of course the steam this lets off disrupts the thermal layer, which is good, but not all of the water is hitting the fire. Obviously this isn't all cases and like I said, I have only been told this in class, I just thought I'd share. I'm not taking anything away from fog nozzles, I just prefer smooth bore.
For those of us that wear glasses, do they make corrective lenses for face masks and how do you order them?
it depends...i know they make pieces that fit into the scott face pieces to mount a pair of glasses but idk about any of the other air pack systems.


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