Now that the iPhone on Verizon is official ... anyone switching? 

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Nope, my Droid Incredible is far superior to the I-Phone.
I would have had I not gotten a droid a couple of years ago. Now why would I get one? You can't change out a battery on the iphone, have to send it to apple. No third party apps. too locked down. You pay for it, but it is still theirs. I will take an android powered device any day now and not chained to itunes. ipod touches for the kids to play with so they leave my droid alone. lol
I have a Nexus One (Android) myself, but that doesn't mean I'm an Apple hater. My point in the blog was that the biggest news out of today's announcement was that there wasn't any news. For those considering the purchase of the Verizon iPhone remember:

1. This is an iPhone 4. It is IDENTICAL to the AT&T version except that it runs on Verizon’s CDMA network. There is nothing new.

2. The Verizon iPhone 4 is a 3G phone. It does NOT work on Verizon’s new LTE 4G network.

3. Apple has a long history of releasing new iPhones on an annual basis. iPhone 4 was released last June 2010. That is 5 months away. That said, the iPhone 5 is right around the corner. Do you really want to sign a 2 year agreement now?

4. You CANNOT use data and voice at the same time. Anyone that tells you anything different is wrong. This was explicitly answered during the news conference. That means that if you use your iPhone as a tether or WiFi hotspot for another device (ie., iPad, laptop, etc) a phone call will stop all data connections, downloads, or whatever you were working on. Is this important to you?

5. According to Verizon’s website the iPhone has an unlimited data plan … with a 5GB cap. We assume the ‘unlimited’ part is that you can go to any website?

6. AT&T iPhone users may want to stay with their network. The off-loading of millions of iPhone users over to Verizon may improve the AT&T experience. You may want to just sit tight!

7. If you are new to Verizon, remember, Verizon’s data over it’s network is slower than AT&T or T-Mobile. In some markets it can average at half the speed!
Wow! There's lots of great information here on this blog. I was pretty interested in getting an Iphone 4, but now I do believe I'll check into the Androids a bit too. Thanks for the input guys.
Hay i gotz a kwestun. wich wun of theeze fones kin mayk me a betur fyre fietur? make shure yew let me noe wut culer ta git whut will put out fyrez betur. Kay. thanx.
I'm not sure where I saw this recent research, but it stated that women were more apt to purchase an iPhone and men were more prone to purchase and Android phone. I know most of the guys around our stations have the Motorola Droids.

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