The History Of Fire the fire service is something that i have been studying to a few weeks and this is something i typed up for my English 4 class

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this is not really my paper that is yet to come but trust me follow me and i will post everything i do with my English 4 project. but this is me venting my teacher pissed me off and im trying to let her know with out sounding PISSED so i poster it on here. she said i plagiarized my paper and it really made me mad so im going to let her know as she dose more research on this topic she hopefully find this and read it thinking this is where i got my information from... so i hope she dose but for all of you reading this its not what i said it was
this is supost to be a Research Paper

I'm trying to understand what your saying; you WANT your teacher to find this post of yours here on FFN? You state she says you plagiarized your "research paper" and you want her to think this is where you got your information? Dude, if your teacher does see your post I think you just got an F.

Also, what do you expect from people here? To back you up? Correct your paper? Maybe rewrite it for you? This is a site for firefighters to socialize, swap information and discuss fire service issues. Not a clearing house for kids with academic issues and bones to pick. Maybe you should go back, rewrite your paper, include your sources/references and quit acting like a spoiled kid. (Also, maybe because I'm a dinosaur but I wasn't able to open your document. Probably just as well as I suspect I would be even harsher than I've already been.)
guys im in school and i want to be a fire fighter after i go to university. i am also an A student but i don't like being told i cheated when i didn't. this week in school is exam week and i stayed up till 3am this morning trying to finish my research paper. when i have two exams today. i wouldn't do all that work if i knew i was going to get an F.

And i do intend on posting my research paper on this website titled "The history of firefighting" when i'm done with it.

This project is 3/4 of my English 4 grade and if i mess this up i'm not going to pass my Senior year of high school and i'm not going to be able to walk with my class
I managed to get the kids paper to open, As I am also a dinosaur I can tell you that you really do not want to see it.
Can you tell me how one goes about having someone removed from this site?

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