By starting this as a new thread, I'm not pointing the finger at any individual. Let's see this as a way to teach people.

My writing isn't perfect. I make general typos, I make spelling mistakes. Although I always read again before posting, these things happen. For now, forget about spelling mistakes (or have a dictionary next to the keyboard as I have), let's look at the misuse of words.

Many times I've seen the word 'due' used where 'do' is the correct word, this being obvious by the context in which it is used. I suppose this could happen because there are places where the pronunciation for both words is the same?

do - can be used like "that truck needs a wash, I will do it"
due - can be used as "the house caught fire due to an accident"

Can anyone think of other words that could do with clarification? Or have I just wasted a couple of minutes?

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Though ;-)
Billy's going all Quaker on us! ;-)
You are not the only one who has a hard time keeping up with the various shorthand LMAO types of language that has become a part of our world through the internet, email and text messaging. I came across this link that lists what looks like hundreds of internet abbreviations. This should help you out.
What I want to know is why Canadians, Australians and Europeans misspell the same words that you do... is our spellcheck different? Here's a couple of examples from what you just wrote plus a little color thrown in for effect, or was that affect... : ) bz

realisation - realization

humour - humor

colour - color
i aint got no learnin so dont except much from me ya'll i did pass 5th grade at age 18 though LOL That is why me is a fireman for a vollunteeer departmant.
I thou shan't be. Or is it "to be or not to be". I do eat Quaker Oats oatmeal. TCsS
It's the metric alphabet. TCS
Get thee to thy school or thou shalt be ignernt!
Mike, it's because we speak English, and so spell the English way... The use of 's' or 'z' in many words is possibly because of the pronunciation used in different countries.

The above has lead me to another common misuse of words that almost makes my eyes bleed - the extremely common (on this and other forums) use of 'are' when 'our' is meant. I think that would have to come from the dialect spoken by the individual. In Australia we all tend to speak pretty much the same way, unlike in the USA or even England for that matter. Older countries seem to have this dialect differences in different places, probably because of the lack of widespread communication back in history?

I use MS Word and spell check with it (when I'm not picking up the old school dictionary) - Word is great, you can choose which dictionary it will use for you. English(Australia) is the only one I allow my PC to have access to!
you've got a point there... damn...
I use a MacBook Pro and when ever there is a misspelled word, the word is underlined in red dots, you can't go wrong.
Very useful! But it would have no effect on things like 'are' and 'our' being mixed up, both are spelt correctly (note I uae the alternative to spelled - both acceptable). Can the Mac be told which dictionary to use? English(USA), (UK) or (Australia)?

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