Hello everyone! I have a question that I need some input on.


      I am currently intructing a volunteer firefighter class and have come to the Fire Behavior section. Even though I know the material well enough to teach it, I always feel that this particular subject is very dry, and is sometimes hard to keep some of the new guy's attention. Do any of you out there have any ideas on how to "spice" this lesson plan up?  I do have access to powerpoints and videos, but again, they seem dry. Any ideas?

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Take the class to a burn building, if you have access to one, and let them witness first hand how fire grows and acts.
That would be a great idea, but currently don't have access to one. Next year maybe I can team up with the firefighter 2 class for that. Thanks for the idea though!
get an old dollhouse that you can set a fire in one of the rooms and watch how the smoke and fire starts to travel through the house. If needed put a peice of plexiglass on the open side to help seal it.

Have a variety of items you can burn. Get 3 sections of 2' long 2x4, keep one whole, one made into wood chips and the other into saw dust. Burn each one noting the difference in each one. All the same material and same amount, but different surface area.

Fire behavior should be one of the most interesting sections. Talk about fire as a living thing and not some dry boring classroom stuff. Equate firefighting to hunting, you need to understand your prey in order to hunt it down.

Best of luck to you.
If you have a recent fire building that can be accessed (safely and with permission) take your class there and trace the fire patterns ,area of origin,stops that checked fire spread and those that didn't. The discussions that will ensue will prove educational. Plus it will become obvious why you need to study fire behaviour in order to fight it effectively.
Right on, Cap!

Teach them how fire BEHAVES. What it feeds on. What it needs to grow stronger. And how it loves to ambush men and women who get complacent.

Fire Behavior is still one of my favorite topics of discussion!

Thank you so much! These are great ideas, and will really help with this class! I am going to get started right away on these ideas! Thanks again.

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