ok so ive been thinking about a tattoo. i know some people dont like them but i havnt made up my mind at all yet so dont post the best on is the oneyou dont get. but i was thinking 343 on my upper arm or forarm. or liek a cross or something. id want something envolving firefighting family and christianity. id want it some what small but not to small. it would be my very first tattoo. so im open to sugestions.

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Tattoo's should be a personal touch. You should get something that means something to you and you alone. While it may be for someone else. You should be happy with your choice. If you want a something personal that portrays your feelings for our fallen comrades then you should think it through and get something close to your heart. I have ideas but they are mine and they are going to stay that way. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but that is my opinion and the way I feel.
I will caution you Robbie to think very hard about getting a tattoo, especially at such a very young age. It all depends on where you want to work as a firefighter and how much money you want to make as well as what kind of retirement you get, including protection should you get hurt on the job.

I don't want to make this a volunteer vs. paid career discussion, but the truth of the matter is that if you are back east, and work for a volunteer department, and that is as far as you want your career to go, then go for the artwork. But... if you want to be a career firefighter on the West coast where salary ranges for starting firefighters come close to a six figure income (if you are a paramedic and work overtime). Point is that it's there if you want it but you can't have any tattoo's. Nada, zip, none... and to make sure you don't, they have rookie candidates take a swim test, not to see how well you swim but if you have any tatoo's...

This is a personal decision and it's not uncommon to have departments now require those with visible tattoo's to cover them up unless involved in non-public contact activities. New guys getting hired, with tattoo's? ... next... bz
I know that I do agree with the Capt. on this issue. I do have 2 tattoo's myself. And am looking to get more. But know that I have been very mindful of where they are located and how they can be covered. I can hide both of my tattoo's without any trouble a simple T-shirt will hide both. I know that finding a job on the west coast with tattoo's is difficult. I did not however know that at the time that I got my first. Wish someone had told me. But I have been told by the more local to me, (I live in northern Michigan) career Dept's. that my tattoo's are no problem as long as they can be hidden by the uniform, which as military would be that Class B uniform. I am not sure what the Fire service calls it outside of duty uniform. But as long as they can be hidden they are not a problem.

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