Our first out engine has a 1,000 gallon tank which helps in our rural rural areas but it can be a little slow when climbing the hills.  What tank size do you have?

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our first out attack engine has a 1200 gal tank. and has plenty of power to climb the hills. our tanker has a 2500 gal tank. that one dosent take the hills quite as good, but then again with that much water behind you, u really dont need to be going fast anyways
We have 1500 on our first out pumper, 3000 on our pumper/tanker, and 2800 on our tanker. We also still use an old pumper with 750 and our brush is 200gal. We dont have hills so climbing isnt an issue. Needless to say we have no Hydrants close by.
nice apparatus there bryon
Our first out is a 300 gallon CAFS truck. This is followed by either 1500 or 2500 gallons second out depending on the situation. The light truck is fast and does not bog down. It allows us a rapid response to the scene, and gives us a lot of knockdown power before the water arrives. Our second due is usually 3-4 minutes behind, and we have never run out of water from the CAFS.
our first out has 750 on it followed by our tanker at 3500 and if we have the third driver we can put another 1000 gallons on the road
We have two pumper/tankers on our department. Primary engine is (I think) 1200 gallons, primary tanker is 1800 gallons. One of our mutual aid departments has a 2500 gallon truck that can be (and has been) called.
Engines 1250g, 1000g no CAFS
Tanker 2000g
Engine has a 1000 gal tank and a foam system.Tanker is 2000 gal.Engine gets right down the road,but,like I see in another post,tanker doesn't get there quite so fast.Have 300 gal. on the brush truck too and it will pump an exposure line just fine if need be.Most of our mutual aid runs 2000-3000 gal. tankers and 750-1000 gal. engines.
Both of our engines are 1000 gallon tanks with 1250 pumps. Our tanker is 1500 gallons with a 750 pump. We have three other tankers available with from 2000 to 3500 gallons.
1200 gal Pumper/tanker, 2400 gal Tanker, 1200 gal Tanker (getting ready double the tank capacity to 2400 gal).
with only 2 department covering 900 sq. mile it depends on the distance we roll both department to every fire becauce of lack of staff if it on than 10 mile from the station we roll little 1 ton with 400 gallons to start an attack Rotan the is the other department will roll one of two trucks one has 750 gallon the other over a 1000 gallon depending on who get to the station first the second out of me department is either 750 gallon mini pumper 750 gallon 2 1/2 brush truck .


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