Does anyone have advice on taking the NREMT. It has been a while since I did and I dont know how much it has changed a few buddys of mine ask me and I realy could not tell them so I was hopeing that you all had some advice.

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All I know is, is that it's computer based test, and if you have studied well enough, it shouldn't be that tough. It can suddenly stop the test and you do not know if its due to answering enough questions right that you passed or missed enough to fail. All in all its not a bad test.
its been a year for me but i can tell you john is right

trust your gut
I just took it this past June and I can tell you that it can be a nerve-wracking experience espically when the computer just shuts off for no apparent reason. But if you study and have a good instructor that's willing to take the time to explain things you shouldn't have any problem. I know I got my nerves fried but at the end of the day I passed so I must have done something right. I just studied like crazy and paid attention in class. That's what worked for me.
Know your Cardiac and normal/abnormal vitals for Geriatric, Peds, and Adults and what their cause could be. I know we're taught to "treat" rather than "diagnose" but the NREMT expects you to "diagnose" the causes of different vitals/symptoms. Just work through your assessment and you should be fine.
Ralph I was 78 questions and 35 minutes and I did the same thing, thought I had bombed it. I didn't but I sure thought I did. Also what I did was read and re-read the questions to make sure I understood it. Something that did help my instructors tests were written in the same style that the NREMT questions are. That is they were mostly "senario based" which helped out a lot. Kind of got you in the mindset which helped out a lot. Something too the AAOS EMT books now have a website that has lots of practice questions that should help out too, I don't know about Brady we use AAOS here.
The Brady Prehostpital Emergency Care book worked great! The one thing about the test was read EVERY WORD they like to change it up like for instance instead of saying which of the following is a sign of..... they say which of the following is NOT a sign of..... and the more questions you get asked on a subject means you didnt answer the prior one correctly... i got kicked out at 82 questions and i passed... another guy got kicked out at 70 questions and he did not pass...

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