Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

I switched departments today. I start as of saturday (10/14/09). I love my current department (Los Angeles Fire Dept.) But things havent been going well with the Explorer Program and the department in general.

I am moving to the LAFD's arch-rival, LA-county-FD. I dont want to offend any of the guys I have grown to greatly appreicate, and highly looks up to, but i dont i know if i can be an Explorer at a department that as been having so many problems with the program the past few years.

I am an Explorer Captian within the LAFD, and now i am going into a new Dept. as a "rookie" explorer. I have been with LAFD for 3 years and learned SO MUCH! i have had some of the best, most respected firefighters in the owrld teach me, and now i must leave them. Its a very sad time.

Does anyone have any advice? Any and all would be greatly appreicatied.

I know the basics: always address as "sir/ma'am", Alway stand at parade rest inless directed to do otherwise.
But anyone have any advise to give a captian turned rookie??

Explorer (capt?) Marc Hurwitz

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You are starting out at the bottom rung in the new department (by choice) so don't be surprised if you are outranked by less experienced people. You are now the FNG (fresh new guy) and will no doubt get the duties no one else wants to do.

In general, it is always best to keep mouth closed, and eyes/ears open. Realize the other department may have different rules, SOPs, traditions, etc. Learn them and accept them.
Whatever you do, don't say "This is how they did it".
just what I was gonna say.
New deal here, respect their way and be eager to learn it. Sure you may have more knowledge than some, just be careful how you put your experiences out there. Just use what you have learned to help you become a good FF in this dept. Let them get to know you. Let them see what you know before you tell them what you know.
good luck.
Trust me. It's extremely hard not to bring up past experiences when shooting the breeze around the station. But never ever say, "This is how I was trained to do it." Bad bad bad.

Stay safe and good luck with your new dept. brother!!! Wish I was there.
Thank you Capt. I figured as much: eyes open, mouth shut!

It will definitly be hard, but i will give it my best. I am looking forward to starting there. They seem so much more laid back and easy. i hope i dont get in trouble for being to military like (how LAFD was, very military orienated)

I will let you all know what happence

Stay safe

Explorer Marc Hurwitz
Keep your eyes and ears open, Mouth shut - For no reason say "this is the way we did it at LA City" Help everybody and always fine things to do.
Hey good for you for having the guts to switch departments. Like everyone else has said I would say just keep your mouth shut and your ears/eyes open and whatever you do, never say "This is how we did it over here.
Good luck

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