Ok we have all heard them

 "Firefighters are Whores and Drunks ......"

I have personally be called things I wish not to repeat based on my job, how did these rumors start ? I am aware that the Fire Service is very family orientated. For fun what is the stereotype you hate the most  ?

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Is this the voice of experience I hear talking....?
The one that pisses me off the most...

"Firefighter are supposed to be men!" . . . "Girls can't be firefighters!"

...like a penis and a few testicles makes someone a better firefighter

and it pisses me off most when a male firefighter says it to me - not just an ignorant townsperson... makes me want to kick them in their "special package"
No "Firemen" are supposed to be men.....Firefighters are supposed to fight fires....aren't we all Firefighters....? Hey the only thing a penis is good for (At a fire that is) is breaking down the door.......LOL....what....?
...like a penis and a few testicles makes someone a better firefighter

Nah, it is the testosterone that drives the male to just get in there and get the job done.

The damn estrogen would just make firefighters want to talk about feelings and what someone is wearing, whos dating who and so forth.....even the fire would eventually get sick of listening to that crap and just lay down and die.


just being sarcastic and stirring the pot
of course, cause i would never just make up random shit! Would I ?
Remind me, what vehicle are you driving again these days?
My breasts are more likely to get us through ANY door faster !!! (trust me on that one)
and unless your penis can jaws-a-life a car apart or vent a roof faster than the standard tools - MY tools can get just as much done as your tools !!!

(some would say, I have more resources than "man" - such as I can talk about things like feelings and the such, which seem to make so many men ill - bordering on incompetent!)

and you concede the fire will just lay down and die for women...
so then our job would be done more quickly :-)
so who needs "male" firefighters ?

[just adding vegetables to your "stirred pot"]
John keep that attitude and you will never get laid......LOL
Female Firefighters that's who......LOL After being with a male Firefighter no ordinary man would do.......LOL
and yes the fire would concede and just lye down and die.....Female Firefighter would nag it to death......LOL....LOL....(again sarcasm)

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