I am an Irish firefighter and I will be going out for the evening. I love St. Patty's Day

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I am a Heinz 57! Got more German than anything, but got English and Irish (among others) in the the family. If I ever want a war all I got to do is have all of the different nations come out at the same time! :-)

As for the holiday, I will be at a local watering hole known as Flanagan's. I will not be consuming Green Beer, but will most certainly have a couple Killian's as the day progresses.

And for the question about the green beer, it is nothing but a gimmick to seel the crappy beer. Some places put the food coloring in the good stuf, but the vast majority put it in the cheap stuff. Nothing signifigant about it other than a way to sell some more beer.
I am 50% Irish and 50% Ukrainian... Irish side (mom's) is from County Cork. My wife is also half Irish and knows how to cook a killer corned beef and cabbage and don't forget the Guiness! My only regret in my firefighting career has been not being able to participate in the NYFD St Patrick's Day parade... someday... : )
I have a little Irish in me...Had the St.pPatty's day parade her in Syracuse,NY this weekend ..always a huge event...Fun is had by all.....Enjoy the day everyone, and stay safe....Muah!!! JD
I went on a bar crawl yesterday and bar hoppin on St. Patty's day. Im not Irish but I drink like i am
Nicely put. I would think that most people who 'celebrate' St Patrick's Day have at best a very tenuous link to being Irish.

We don't have parades here, but we do get large, drunken, rowdy, crowds outside many pubs. They aren't places you'd want to walk past as the day wears on.
corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, killians and plenty of harp. anyone out there who likes rock music check out an great irish band named "Carbon Leaf". great irish music with american influences.
Be safe Christopher. I will probably do the same but I do not like Irish Car Bombs. I puke everytime from those.
I'm not too sure how much Irish there really is flowing through my veins. I was always told that there was some though. Unfortunately like a few others have already posted I will be sitting in my EMT-Basic class. Last year was spent at a structure fire so maybe we will get something interesting this year also.

plannin on drinkin..
YEAH Tomorrow is the day. Everyone Stay Safe !!!!!!!!

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