South Carolina Man Burns Abandoned Home To Get Even For Ticket

NEWBERRY, S.C. - Newberry County authorities say a man has been charged with burning down an abandoned house in retaliation for a traffic ticket.

Sheriff Lee Foster says 34-year-old David Douglas Proctor was arrested Wednesday and charged with arson.

Foster says a deputy ticketed Proctor Saturday for driving more than 40 miles over the speed limit. Investigators say the deputy filed a report after Proctor later followed him home and drove by his house several times.

The next day, authorities responded to an abandoned house fire. Proctor was arrested after investigators said he had bragged he was even with authorities because it cost as much to respond to the fire as his ticket fine.

Proctor has been denied bond. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney.

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40+ over in my state and your getting silver bracelets...
40+ over the limit, follows a cop home and then drives by the house a couple of times, burns down a building and then brags about it; what do you bet this was not his first brush with the law. What a maroon.
How does burning down a house get back at the cops? Oh thats right..... I duuunnnno
Hey, It's South Carolina for crying out loud....there is no sense.

(let's see how that fits in for the person from SC who's feats of strength is not to air grievances)
**stirring the pot**

I can't answer that without appearing to air a grievance, and I'm strong enough to avoid that - at least for today. :-)
So in order to retaliate against the Police for a TRAFFIC offense, he burns down a house (arson) so that the Fire Department has to respond? On top of that, following a Sheriff's Deputy to his home and driving by several times, that's a good way to "disappear" around these parts! Then he brags about setting the fire. People, we're dealing with a criminal mastermind here! like to know how the heck he thinks that by burning down a house gets even with the PD???

what did he do try to squeeze blood out of a turnip? lol he's sharp as a bowling ball i swear
"It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney."

That's because most attorneys have at least half a brain. No one wants to climb aboard a sinking ship!
That should've been considered wreckless driving.You pull that shit where I live you'd be in the hooscow however you spell in layman terms you'd be in jail.I think anything over 20 MPH is wreckless driving and you can be jailed for it and loose your license.
Can't fix stupid......

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