some funny questions/ comments said to me while operating..feel free to add your own

i am just posting some things that were said or asked to me that i thought were funny ... feel free to add your own..

1 . (fire is self venting from the second floor window on a three story multiple dwelling brownstone) this intoxicated gentleman asks me "are you guys really going to go in there?"

2. a woman once asked me who is in charge of filling the hydrants because the one in front her house is empty...

3.(while climbing to the roof of the fire building via aerial ladder i was told "the fire is inside .. not on the roof..."

4. our company placed elevators in fireman service. when the elevators opened at the lobby a lady told me the werent working properly and i would have to take the stairs..

5. do we really need to use lights and sirens at 5 am. ?

6. forcing entry to a taxpayer fire using a power saw and a metal blade to cut the locks off the roll down gates . i was told by the owner you should have called i would have brought the keys......i only live 15 mins away...

7.forcing a door conventionally(axe and halligan) for a food on the stove the guy passed out drunk on the couch told me didnt have to break down the door all you would have had to do was knock...mind you the door was steel door steel jamb and had multiple locks it took us about 45 seconds to get through this door and we were banging alot to get a purchase.

8.flipped over auto extrication the lady pinned in the car tells me ''dont wreck the car its all i have"

9.''why is there so much water in my aparment''? ...the tennent below the fire apartment...

10. "where is the chief? " i reply "the guy with the white hat"... "well that doesn't help ..what am i supposed to do lift everones helmet and look for a white hat?"

11. checking the adjoining building for extention we were told that the fire was in the other building...

12.when asked many questions about my TDA by a curious teen ...when he was told the top speed was only 65 mph... he stated "my mustang could totally dust that truck..."

13. my truck was flagged over by a guy on the highway whos car was on fire ... he told the chief he wanted to file a complaint because all we did was watch it burn instead of putting it out (it was way past a can job on arrival) tall is your ladder? 100 ft i answer.. did you ever climb to the top of it?.. um .. yes every time i use it i answered..

15. the door is locked are you guys going be able to get in? asked to us by a police officer .

16. if the stuck elevator is on the tenth floor how do you get up there?...... ummm stairs i replied

17. how come all of you have to go food shopping ? cant you just send one guy with the truck? ...and if there is i call ? i asked ...the lady answered "he would meet you there " she said proudly.... i replied and how would we get there?

feel free to post your own funny questions comments stay low stay calm stay safe - john

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at a company party, when I said, "I'm with the fire department." a woman asked, "Oh, do you cook for the guys?"

another woman asked, "Do you do the paper work?"

small towns sure have big stereotypes.
HA! this is a great discussion! Im pretty new so I don't have alot of stories yet but we had one the other day that was sort of funny.... it was 0630 hrs and we were called out to a CO Alarm, with symptoms. So tiered response with ambulance was automatic. We roll up and the gentleman is mid 80's says to us that there was no alarm (indeed his alarm was not activated) but that he had woken up with a dry mouth, and that he used to live in a house were everytime he had a CO problem he got a dry mouth so he KNEW he must have had a CO leak in his house, because of the dry mouth he woke up with... needless to say our air monitors showed nothing unusual and the medics checked the old guy out and he was pretty good....

We drove away and all I could say was...gotta love old folks thier bodies can tell us what weather we got comin and now if there is CO in the it!!! I think I smiled for a week after....

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