I know that there are some people that think that we a not quite that intelligent. But a lot of people respect us. i was just wondering what your guys opinions are?

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thank you for your comment and i do believe that my advisers are amazing people they have the patience for us that i know can sometimes be hard. We ask so many questions. lol
be safe and thank you
well i stared as one back in the day im glad that they are still around so i dont have to do the BS work lol
and one day they will take over so us old timers can sit back and bust there stones like they did ours
lol. I don't really mind doing anything at the firehouse honestly if they asked me to clean the toliets which they dont but if they did i would.
I love being there thank you so much for your comment.
be safe.
i started in my department as a junior/cadet at age 14.sure i wasnt ready to wear the white helmet right away but nobody expects too.as a junior i always busted my ass to make the truck and be at drills to learn the ins and the outs of what goes on.looking back and at the juniors now,it takes alot of commitment from such a young person to be involved.that commitment is what demands respect from others and really shows that you want to be part of the fire service.work hard, keep your eyes open and youll go far.stay safe
I'm an explorer post and BSA advisor. I think it's a fantastic program. Firefighting isn't for everyone and to let the younger people get a taste of it before they are all full blown out wanting to be a firefighter is great. I might get some slack for saying this but we all know it's true.
I was a original member of the Peoria Fire Explorer program. I think it is an excellent way for people to learn what firefighter job is actually compossed of. I have been a volunteer firefighter with my hometown department going on my 12th year.
I have never had a problem with our junior fire fighters I have only one right now and I think she has the makings of a great fire fighter if she trains hard and does not let some of the other members discourage her. I started as a junior when I was sixteen and am coming up on twenty one years in a couple months.

I believe that juniors play an essential role in the fire service. They can free up more experience members to fight fires while they fill other jobs on the fire ground.

But one thing juniors have to realise is that not all older members look down at you but if you go to one or two training classes and start acting like you know every thing they are going to start. Because alot of the older members have been doing the job and not only have training under their belt but also have live fire experience so don't treat them like dinosaurs and they don't know what they are talking about.

The best thing to do is try to get an older member to teach you what they know because they can teach you some things they learned over they years that is not in any training manuals. And you cannot expect to be able to do everything on a scene because you are limited to what you can do by the child labor laws.

Be patient and you will get your chance!
I think that it is a great idea to have the Jr. Firefighters around. I am 16 yrs old and have been helping the Crowley County Ambulance and Fire Department for 7 yrs. I am not aloud to go out to structure fires, accidents, etc. But I am aloud to go to Fire Meetings, Trainings, and I have even gotten the privalage to drive an Ambulance. I realize that most towns have Jr. Firefighters only because they have INSURANCE. Where as in my community we can't afford the insurance if I were to get hurt going to a fire. I am really a Jr. Fire Fighter at the station I learn everything there is to know there I answer phones if they are out on a call I clean and stock Ambulances, and I am going to be learning how to run the Pumper. I have a great attitude towards the Chief, EMS Medical Director, and The rest of the crew. I have even gotten the privalege of taking my CPR/AED Certification through the Ambulance. So with this I am saying yes it is a good Idea to have Jr Fire Figthers around. You never know when you are really going to need them.
i started as a jr. there is nothing wrong with them... start young u dont know everything now, but keep trainin and learning from older members...one day u will have jr. members asking u questions... just dont run ur mouth about sr. members onhere (or anywhere) like some ppl do...
Cody... you will never know everything... I've been around the fire service for about 8 years and will never claim to know everything... Not hating just so you understand... I know people who have retired from the service and will say the same thing... The very BEST firefighters know their limits and are always willing to learn... remember that and you will go far...

I have really enjoyed the jr's and was one myself... And as so many have said some thing they know everything... and i'm not going to lie we have an autistic(sp?) young man that probably knows more than me about our trucks and some of our gear...

I guess what i'm trying to say again is that jr's are a great institution and believe that every department should put fourth the effort to have them... I know not every department can afford the insurance to have them on the trucks or on scene but there is alot to learn despite all that... 3/4 of most firefighters career is training, rather it be live burns or sitting in a classroom... They are our furture and should give them the respect according to that...
I think that it is a great avenue for kids in many ways. The main one is that it gives them something to do and keeps them off the streets. It shows them how the public saftey system works and can open the doors for a great profession.
It is not that i do not think that they are the brightest crayons in the box, however you get the ones every so often that think they are Manco and can do anything.
I help the ones out at my station in training and other areas of the Fire/Rescue side and it gives them a since of accomplishment on being a part of the dept when they are able to make small calls with us.
Then you have the ones that think they can go POV to a sceen on here. That just makes me nervous as hell when i hear that due to the liability and the fact that that department may be making a 2nd call to help the brat that ran over someone.
But other than that, I like having the kids a part of the station. Besides, without them i would have to mop the bays and take out the trash:) Joke

Thank you for taking the time to belong and serve your local fire department.

In today's fast paced society most young people are way to busy to give of their time
and care enough to take on the responsibility.
You are a special person and you should be commended for it.

I have two JR FF's right now in our FD and two more wanting to join. One of my JR's
Grandfather is a charter member.

Two of my sons were JR members and now are both level 1 and serve on the Board
of Trustees for the FD.

Here in Vermont we have a JR Cadet Academy at the fire service training facility each July.
Runs for a week and gets the JR's to work as a team in a company. Works just like the real
world you have officers and everything.

They train with fire equipment, SCBA's, hoses, learn about fire and compete against each others company.

I am now a member of the group that will help set up this years program.

Good luck in your future, stay safe, train often and share knowledge.


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