I know that there are some people that think that we a not quite that intelligent. But a lot of people respect us. i was just wondering what your guys opinions are?

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I started as a junior and have been in the fire service 17 yrs. With all the other avenues for kids to go these days , and the need for volunteers , I love having juniors around. There are lots of jobs on a fire scene that juniors can do to free up interior firefighters. Changing packs,hitting hydrants, and raising ladders. Remember that a good junior program starts with the advisors, and firefighters in the house supporting, and teaching the juniors.
Junior firefighters are the future of the fire sevice. I'm sure that if you ask around you will be suprised at the amount of people that started before they were 18. Just my .2
I been in the fire service many years and have seen many junior firefighters. They will put into the department if you make them feel like thier part of the department. Many have moved through the steps and became firefighters and officers. Ya, sometimes you get a bad apple but don't let that one stop the program. Every kid is worth the effert and they will be what you teach them.
"I know that there are some people that think that we a not quite that intelligent. "

Nuff Said.
Welcome to the fire service.
I dunno that anyone thinks juniors are "unintelligent." I think it's just that a lot of juniors run around thinking they're more intelligent than they actually are.
i think its a great idea, that way they already have alot of knowledge when they are old enough to join. So keep up the good work
us juniors are going to be treated the same way the new guys get treated by a man of 25 yrs behind his belt.. they are gonna yell, judge and dislike, but can we blame them? its their life on the line... but look at it this way, its breeding a whole nother decade to go fight fires, ill be an explorer 4 yrs before i try to get my ff1, and i can tell you im going to learn as much as i can, besides the fact that exploers can be a part of outside operations, getting tools, laying line, getting ladders and switching bottles, having us arounds makes a 2 ff job to a one ff job w/ a exploer so the way i look at it is that we learn and they have more man power
I agree. The advisers we have are amazing and teach us a lot. I have great respect for all of them. So thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.
I have to agree to you on that one. But i have come to understand i am not ever going to know everything and you dont know who will come along and teach you a thing or two, so open your mind to anyone and everything. Unexpected people have unexpected thing to teach you.
thank you for the comment.
Well then I'll say that you're one of the good ones. I hope you have a wonderful career in the fire service. take care, stay safe.
I started as a Jr. Firefighter when I was 14 yrs. old, and I have to agree with Don Vuletic, lieutenant13, and Dale. Yes, you have those people that will give you crap but most of those people are just doing that because they want to make sure you are able to handle it and you are a "Probie" so no matter where you go you will have those people. But you also have to prove your self by participating in all the training you are able to and to also teach your self like I had to do. If people see you putting forth effort then they most likely they will recognize that. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have to prove yourself to them, and if you do that then you will will be welcomed to the family with open arms.
Well I started as a junior to what seems like a long time ago. I know we could do more than you are allowed today. Some of which may just have been a different time. It does not matter if you are 16 or 40 if you are just starting out you are limited. Its time to learn, it may become a carrier choice for you. I joined back in 1982 and we had more juniors then than any time since. Some of us are still there some come out of the woodwork for a good burner. I think the statement that its your advisers is so true, but you can learn from everyone. I will always remember several people who impacted my life.


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