With the economy going the way it is does anyone worry about having to shut their dept.? Five out of six of our dept. are all Volunteer if we had to shut down our county would be pretty much screwed.

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We have 11 departments in our county. Out of those one is a combo and one is full time. So yeah, I would say that we would be screwed.
Well my old dept had 6 but two merge to save money so now there are 4 and things seem to work out good so far
where im from all the county depts are volunteer only the city depts are paid however they arent allowed to leave the city for the most part. we arent able to do all the training that we need unless we want to pay out of pocket and well new equipment you cant keep on dreaming about it. But I have to say the volunteers here are great we all go out of pocket to do what has to be done... i guess it is not ideal but you have to do what you have to do.... it has to get better sooner or later.... and volunteers are just that for a reason its for the heart and the love of the job and the communty...
Right... same here. Our dept. (District 2) covers from one end of the county to the other. The dept. on the north of the county closed because there just wasnt anyone to do it and the south end doesn't have many people to cover anything so we usually go to all their calls. We pay out of pocket alot and this year they cut our entire county budget by 50K. So that really put a strain on us. Thank goodness our chief is very good with our money. We don't have to worry about what he is gonna blow. He takes care of us.
Yah we would be screwed also. The clostest dept is about 7 miles away to the south and about 8-9 miles to the north
Amy, Keep trying and stay in the public eye, as your Chief should know the Depts. in Montgomery County can offer you mutual aide if you need it. Although my district covers 86 sq. miles as does Cunninghams, we are still neighbors. We often assist Stewert Co. and Erin you should be no diff. Agressive fund raising is the answer, no one gives until you ask. We are growing, adding a sub station to the south end of our district. Raise some H"LL with your county commisioner and state representative.
We have 4 departments in our County and normally the only department that ever gets called out is My department so...

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