Should POVs with only blue lights have to follow all traffic laws.

In my opinion they should be allowed to run red lights if all traffic at the intersection has stopped.
What do you guys think?

Tim K.

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techincly yes but i see state police do it all the time
i have noticed that i get to the firehouse about minute faster goin the same route with a blue light going and following all traffic rules and speeds but im am luckey enough that people pull over for me when then can also. but then my stepdad is an asst. chief so he has red lights and a siren and some people never pull over for him at all
No they should not be able to run red traffic lights. I had a blue light on my old car, when I got a new car I did not put the blue light on it. Guess what I still make the engine and I don't have to worry what the other guy is going to do if he sees the blue light. The fire service ought to wise up and stop using blue (or anyother color) lights on POV's.
Our district does not condone lights in POV is severely frowned upon. Get to the station safely and don't create a call while responding to do no good if you end up being a patient yourself.
blue light is a curtesy light gives you no legal ability to do anything that is illegal!!All it does is say hey i am a fireman i have a call please let me around.
well as for the red lights i say no... and as for following all traffic laws, here in pennsylvania all firemen with lights no matter the color have to obey all traffic laws, there have been too many accidents where a fireman with that tunnel vision is speedin to the hall and wrecks cause he isn't payin attention to whats around him. however i think only line officers should be allowed to run lights in their vehicles.
I've been a driver for about 5 years now. I stop at all stop signs and red lights when and if I have my blue light going. If I'm driving the gut box engine or rescue I stop at most stops signs and all traffic lights if there red. I know I'm gonna get some shit for that. But where I grew up getting from the station to main roads is little to zero traffic if there is traffic at the intersection I do stop make sure they see me before I continue on. I know someone said it before some times it faster to run with no lights and sirens. I don't turn them on if I don't have to. As for juniors and probies running blue lights should not happen you can't do a whole lot on scene by law. You Drive fast to get there to what stand around maybe change a few bottles be a gopher. It was said before lights on povs is a curtesey light no one has to do anything for you. If anything there more of a distraction in a time where we already have enough distractions. Stay safe keep your eyes open and learn how to be a firefighter before you worry about lights on povs and what not.

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