Should POVs with only blue lights have to follow all traffic laws.

In my opinion they should be allowed to run red lights if all traffic at the intersection has stopped.
What do you guys think?

Tim K.

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Tony, thank you. There seems to be a few that feel the same way as this newbie. I just don't understand the thinking of these few individuals. We are here to help people not cause them harm, even if it is accidental. I hope the new firefighters think about this and reevaluate how they respond to a scene or to the fire station.
Tony and Kim,

I made a big mistake with my comments. True as they were I did not check the age of the thread starter. Age and maturity goes hand and hand with driving to a scene. I hope I didn't encourage recklessness. TCSS
Here is a thought , stop at all times unless you see a traffic officer there at the intersection and they will allow you to go thru . That is the only safe way to do it . Other than that drive according to the laws!!!!
I agree 100%. I lived in NY and it was done the same in our dept there. I ran blue lights while a capt in our dept, and can remember sittiing at many traffic lights while responding. I to would also turn off my lights since I was not going thru the light so why bother. I also think there needs to be a limit of how many lights you should be able to use. If someone in NY is using blue lights but has a light bar, grill lights, a dashboard light, and any other place they can put one, where does it end?
Every FF in every state needs to take an EVOC course and this should be done before they're ever allowed the permitted use of any light.
I have to agree with Ted Bownas on this one. Hi Ted I'm Amber. I feel that is one of the major reasons we keep getting ourselves injured and/or killed in addition to some of our brothers and sister who do not get it or are just to lazy when it comes to wearing seat belts.
I should also mention the civilians we are killing as well.
Try explaining that to the idiots that carry all these extra lights and think it's cool. Oh and I also forgot this post should also include, passing on a solid line, tailgating, speeding, road rage, with someone who won't allow you to pass! There are way too many idiots that are more concerned about how good they look and how many people they can run off the road with the lights that will blind them, then they are about the welfare of other people on the roads. Lets also take into account what are you responding to. Is it a structure fire with people trapped in the building? Or is it an automatic alarm or a cat stuck in a tree or maybe a lift assist request from ems? Its time the department heads take action against anyone caught violating traffic laws once and for all. Nobody has the right to just drive recklessly and disobey traffic laws regardless of what type of vehicle and light your responding with.
As far as safety and the technically correct answer, I would have to say that all vehicles should obey traffic laws, signs, lights, etc. As much as it would be nice to be able to pull up to a sign or light, give it a quick stop, look for oncoming vehicles then continue, there are way too many people that simply go with the flow while driving and don't see all that may be going on around them. This is exemplified when two vehicles with blue lights running get behind another vehicle that wont be gracious enough to let them by. As I said, no matter how cautious you are, there will always be other drivers out there that are completely oblivious to their surroundings.
I don't know what the law is in your state but here in KY. You must have at least 1 flashing rotating or oscolating light that can be seen for 360 degrees and a 100 watt siren that can be herd for 100 feet. If you do not have them both you must follow all trafic laws.

i fully agree with you. You know he even shouldn't be worried about it. hes a junior for gods sake. thats all everyone else needs to worry about is juniors having lights. they haven't been in fire or ems long enough to even to begin to think about the responsibility that is involved with it.
State law is what matters of course Ron. In KY (is that Kentucky?) are juniors allowed to use those lights and have exemptions from the laws?
No, I think this would create more of a danger than there is already because when the alarm goes off the will think they can shoot right threw and would not be looking to make sue the intersection is safe.

They should have to obey all traffic laws no exeptions!

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