i dont think they should be. thats what the FireFighters are for.

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All depends on the situation I think. If the chief arrives after the scene already has an IC and he/she has faith in the IC to control the scene then I dont see a huge problem with them getting involved in the scene. One it shows his/her fellow firefighters that they have faith in them to do their job and it also gives the officers and firefighters a chance to train in fire ground operations for future promotions and situations. Chiefs are not always going to be around to run a scene so the more times an officer or firefighter can run a scene the safer the companies will be when the chief is not around.
I agree with Joshua plus if it happens to be a mutual aide call sometimes manpower is what's needed, so why shouldn't he pitch in. He was there once before AND BELIEVE ME HE MISSES A FIRE FIGHTER'S POSITION.
well depends on the situation limited manpower, immediate rescue attempt then yes otherwise they should be operating in a supervisory mode not saying they cant be in their with you acting as a division officer or doing what leaders do leading their members. I am a deputy chief of my volly dept and I go in all the time but i try and leave it to the responding officers but sometimes i dont have any on my engine so i go in as the officer with the crew. Just because i arrive on scene i wont automatically take command from a lower officer to give them a chance to run things. But mainly i try and let the firefighters handle the situation and i'm there to make sure they do it right and safely so everyone goes home.
I have to agree with you all if he is capable of going in, why not. I would hope though that if he is not fully capable that he would not attempt it too.
Not in a city/paid department. They command, watch for FF safety, manage resources et. If you want to fight fire stay on the engine truck or rescue. The chief has moved on, they do not fight fire anymore. Besides fighting fire is bargaining unit work, and the chiefs are not bargaining unit members, that is our work not theirs.
If they turn cmmand over to someone else that has the proper training and can handle the job......sure....might be good for some of the Chiefs to get their hands dirty......
You don't have chiefs fighting fire on paid ept. At least not the large ones. One question, who's gonna tell him he can't? After all he's the Chief.
The union, it is the Locals work, the Chief cannot do it. We would file a grievance and win. No chief on our department would even consider it. That is what they hire us for.
You are talking about the Chief of the Department right? On our job not the Chief, Asssistant, Deputy, nor Battalion Chiefs (although the BC's are union members) fight fire.
I can't see a Chief doing it....BUT...that being said as long as Command is transfered....He can do other assignments
So none of your dept officers or firefighters would take a chance at running a scene, if a chief said he was doing fine and then asked where he wanted him to go to work?
All tho we lost are Chief this week, I will say that this is why he was so respected by me, He would never ask you to do anything that he was not willing to do him self. And that meant from mopping a floor to fighting a fire. So tyes I see nothing wrong with them fighting fire if all other duties are covered.

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