To begin with i'd like to say i believe CPR should be mandatory training for firefighters. before anyone responds to this, I am trying to find out, if anything and what is being done to accomplish this or prevent it. 

U.S. Fire Administration report on Firefighter Fatalities published July 2010, shows that in 2009 there were 90 Line of Duty Deaths (the lowest number since 1994). Of the LODDs of those 50 (55%) were classified as "Stress or Overexertion", of with 39 were determined to be cardiac arrest. 13 or those heart attacks were on scene fire duties, 6 on scene non-fire, 3 were in training, 3 were in route, 2 were returning, 5 were on other duty and 6 were after duty (under home town heroes act). 
In contrast 7 LLODs were lost, trapped or in a collapse. 

1. Why are the majority of Firefighters not trained to BCLS (Professional Rescue) level CPR & AED?
2. Why are DOH agencies not providing Firefighter Down Specific Protocols?
3. Why is there a lacking in EMT/CFR training directly for handling firefighter injuries?

In reading these questions you might think my department does this or be asking why we should. 
The fact is that NY Firefighter 1 class is not teaching even basic CPR. In New York OFPC is not providing SFIs as CPR certified instructors for outreach classes, and there does not appear to be any contracted service to provide Red Cross or American Heart CPR for them. This leaves individual agencies to fend for themselves, and leaves a major gap in the safety movement. 
Mayday, survival, FAST/RIT (rapid intervention teams), SCBA (mask) confidence, and even firefighter fitness and health all address the issues surrounding firefighter injury and fatalities. Yet, CPR is the first line of action in the largest area of firefighter deaths, cardiac events. 

So the big question here really is shouldn't CPR be officially made part of Firefighter 1?

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This is a no brainer question. Would a firefighter be effective putting out a fire without gear and water. How can you be a first Responder in the position to help and not have this training. You will be doing nothing except hindering the outcome. I have been in the fire service for 23 yrs and certified as a EMT Intermediate since and have lost track how many times I have done CPR with numerous successful outcomes and only due to training..

Is "Hell" Yes an option?

Here in ohio at least in my level I class we were required to learn CPR. Not sure if that is a state standard or not, but as far as I am concerned it should be mandatory.

Basic firefighting skills must include the basic ability to save lives.  The public can do CPR, anyone working in the profession, career or volunteer, has to be able to do those skills that the average person can do.  It would look pretty sorry to the public to have civilians doing CPR while a uniformed firefighter stands by because he can't perform this basic technique.

I think that First Responder course should be mandatory for all Firefighter 1.  Sometimes you are first on scene and the knowledge that you gain from this class may be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. 

I guess I thought it was mandatory everywhere, I know in Iowa we have to complete CPR and AED training as part of the FFI certification, and we redo it every two years. 

It think it all depends on what the state/district require for FFI certification.

Not every firefighter, (at least in New York state) takes Firefighter I. Many volunteer or combination departments set Scene Support Operations (SSO) as a minimum requirement for membership. Perhaps CPR for the Professional Rescuer should be mandatory at this level which would cover everyone on the fire ground, not just interior firefighters.

If you are going to respond to a scene then you should know what to do.  Our support has taken the first responder course so that should they have to go to a scene for whatever role they know what to do.  Right now this is being done on a voluntary basis.  I think no matter what role you play with the fire department you should know how to give basic first aid/cpr.

In Arizona where I'm from, in order to even start the fire academy, you must be either in the process of completing an approved EMT program or already a certified EMT or Paramedic.  Part of the reason is due to the strenuous nature of the training and not everyone is physically prepared regardless of passing the CPAT or comparible, so the academies want everyone prepared in the unfortunate event someone goes down.  Secondly, the majority of the departments within AZ are the primary response to both fire and medical aid calls.  Finally, as budgets are crunched and federal funding is harder to account for, more and more departments are becoming ALS responders to justify and maintain current funding levels.   Each state I imagine is different.

Good point. it would make sense to have it at all levels.


In Arizona FF are require to be an EMT or higher even the volinteers.

Our EMT course includes CPR..

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