to me we are entering a time where you can't even play a prank(in good fun of course) on your fellow brother or sister with out thinking in the back of your mind of getting in trouble. I starting to feel that the fd is starting to become very corporate, what do you think.

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Hi Mike,

I understand all this. Believe me a firehouse should not be a house of clowns. Of course the F-bomb will not be used in public for most of us this is common sense. These guide lines are all fine and good. But I guess the point I want to make is what kind of officer will you be. There are multiple type of ways to lead. The fire department is all about leadership. From the fire chief to the first year rookie. We are all accountable for each other. As a officer there are two extremes one can choose to be a dictator who wants to control his crew, or one can be a push over that let his or her crew run all over them. But there are plenty of shades of color that inbetween this extreme. 90% of the people that join the fire department are very good and honorable people. Its that one 5% who is looking for a easy handout by lawsuits, who try and take advantage of the unique situation they are in.(I've seen this first hand) Then the other 5% how are truly mean spirted and who does do the hazing and all. This is why all these Laws have been put into effect. They should be there. Its about time for me to prepare myself to be an officer. I choose to run my house with common scense, my way of leadership is relationship driven.. This is how I run my company which I own right now, and the people who work with me enjoys the environment they are in, and I believe they give me 150%. Of course I've done with some bad apples but they get show their true colors and I get rid of em quick. We have a proud and special group of men and women in this profession, they should be treated as such. Thanks for the info Mike.
I guess we are pretty laid back. We prank eachother and things like that as long as no one gets hurt. We still have fun though.

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