It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since 9/11.


How has 9/11 impacted your life -- both personal and in public safety?


Were you on duty on 9/11? Did you join the fire/EMS service because of it?


Share your story with others and comment here.



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9 11  goes to show that we are all vulnerable. If the USA can be demised in that way ,then we Canada evan as a neutral( peace keeping) country could be attacked as well.Support the US send condolences on the anniversary and hope we as well are prepared for something, I hope never happens> Prayers go out !!!!
Here are 343 brave men I was proud to work with. Enough said....
Joseph Agnello, Lt. Brian Ahern, Eric Allen, Richard Allen, Capt. James Amato, Calixto Anaya Jr., Joseph Angelini Sr., Joseph Angelini Jr., Faustino Apostol Jr., David Arce, Louis Arena, Carl Asaro, Lt. Gregg Atlas, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Baptiste, A.C. Gerard Barbara, Arthur Barry, Lt. Steven Bates, Carl Bedigian, Stephen Belson, John Bergin, Paul Beyer, Peter Biefeld, Brian Bilcher, Carl Bini, Christopher Blackwell, Michael Bocchino, Frank Bonomo, Gary Box, Michael Boyle, Kevin Bracken, Michael Brennan, Peter Brennan, Capt.Daniel Brethel, Capt. Patrick Brown, Capt. Vincent Brunton, Capt. William Burke Jr, Andrew Brunn, F.M. Ronald Bucca, Greg Buck, A.C. Donald Burns, John Burnside, Thomas Butler, Patrick Byrne, George Cain, Salvatore Calabro, Capt.Frank Callahan, Michael Cammarata, Brian Cannizzaro, Dennis Carey, Michael Carlo, Michael Carroll, Peter Carroll, Thomas Casoria, Michael Cawley, Vernon Cherry, Nicholas Chiofalo, John Chipura, Michael Clarke, Steven Coakley, Tarel Coleman, John Collins, Robert Cordicce, Ruben Correa, James Coyle, Robert Crawford, Lt. John Crisci, B.C. Dennis A. Cross, Thomas Cullen III, Robert Curatolo, Lt. Edward D'Atri, Michael Dauria, Scott Davidson, Edward Day, B.C.Thomas DeAngelis, Manuel Delvalle, Martin Demeo, David Derubbio, Lt. Andrew Desperito, Dennis Devlin, Gerard Dewan, George Dipasquale, Lt. Kevin Donnelly, Lt. Kevin Dowdell, B.C. Ray Downey, Gerald Duffy, Capt. Martin Eagan Jr.,Michael Elferis, Francis Esposito, Lt. Michael Esposito, Robert Evans, B.C. Jack Fanning, Capt.Thomas Farino, Terrance Farrell, Capt. Joseph Farrelly, Deputy Comm. William Feehan, Lee Fehling, Alan Feinberg, Frank Fiore, Michael Fiore, Lt. John Fischner, Andre Fletcher, John Florio, Lt. Michael Fodor, Thomas Foley, David Fontana, Robert Foti, Andrew Fredricks, Lt. Peter Freund, Thomas Gambino Jr., Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci Jr., Lt. Charles Garbarini, Thomas Gardner,Thomas Garner, Matthew Garvey, Bruce Gary, Gary Geidel, B.C. Edward Geraghty, Denis Germain, James Giberson, Ronnie Gies, Paul Gill, Lt. Vincent Giammona, Lt. John Ginley, Jeffery Giordano, John Giordano (1), Keith Glascoe, James Gray, B.C. Joe Grzelak, Jose Guadalupe,Lt. Geoffrey Guja, Lt. Joseph Gullickson, David Halderman, Lt. Vincent Halloran, Robert Hamilton, Sean Hanley, Thomas Hannafin, Dana Hannon, Daniel Harlin, Lt. Harvey Harrell, Lt. Stephen Harrell, Capt.Thomas Haskell Jr., Timothy Haskell, Michael Haub, Vincent Halloran, Capt. Terry Hatton, Lt. Mike Healey, John Heffernan, Ronnie Henderson, Joseph Henry, William Henry, Thomas Hetzel, Capt. Brian Hickey, Lt. Tim Higgins,John Hohmann, Thomas Holohan, Joseph Hunter, Capt. Walter Hynes, Jonathan Ielpi,Capt. Fredrick Ill Jr., William Johnston, Andrew Jordan, Karl Joseph, Lt.Anthony Jovic, Angel Juarbe Jr., Fr. Mychal Judge, Vincent Kane, B.C. Charles Kasper, Paul Keating, Thomas Kelly (L15), Thomas Kelly (L105), Richie Kelly Jr.(L11), Thomas Kennedy, Lt. Ronald T. Kerwin, Michael Kiefer, Robert King Jr.,William Krukowski, Scott Kopytko, Kenneth Kumpel, Thomas Kuveikis, David Laforge, William Lake, Robert Lane, Peter Langone, Scott Larsen, Lt. Joseph G.Leavey, Neil Leavy, Daniel Libretti, Carlos Lillo (EMS), Robert Linnane, Michael Lynch (L4), Michael Lynch (E40), Michael Lyons, Patrick Lyons,Joseph Maffeo, William Mahoney, Joseph Maloney, Kenneth Marino, Lt. Charles Margiotta, B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Jr., John Marshell, Lt. Peter Martin, Lt. Paul Martini, Joseph Mascali, Keithroy Maynard, Brian Mcaleese, John Mcavoy, Thomas Mccann, Lt. William McGinn, B.C. William McGovern, Dennis Mchugh, Robert McMahon, Robert McPadden, Terence McShane, Timothy McSweeney, Martin McWilliams, Raymond Meisenheimer, Charles Mendez, Steve Mercado, Douglas Miller, Henry Miller Jr., Robert Minara, Lt. Paul Mitchell, Thomas Mingione, Capt. Louis Modafferi, Lt. Dennis Mojica, Manuel Mojica, Carl Molinaro, Michael Montesi, Capt. Thomas Moody, Vincent Morello, B.C. John Moran, Christopher Mozzillo, Richard Muldowney Jr., Michael Mullan, Dennis Mulligan, Lt. Raymond Murphy, Lt. Bob Nagle, John Napolitano, Peter Nelson, Gerard Nevins, Dennis O 'Berg, Douglas Oblschlager, Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan, Joseph Ogren, Samuel Oitice, Patrick O'Keefe, Capt. William O'Keefe, Eric Olsen, Jeffery Olsen, Steven Olsen, Kevin O'Rourke, Michael J. Otten (L35), Jeffery Palazzo, B.C. Orio J. Palmer, Frank Palombo, Paul Pansini, B.C. John Paolillo, James Pappageorge, Robert Parro, Durrell Pearsall, Lt. Glenn Perry, Lt. Philip Petti, Lt. Kevin Pfeifer, Christopher Pickford, Lt. Kenneth Phelan, Shawn Powell, Vincent Princiotta, Kevin Prior, B.C. Richard Prunty, Lincoln Quappe, Lt. Michael Quilty, Kevin Orourke, Ricardo Quinn (EMS), Leonard Ragaglia, Michael Ragusa, Edward Rall, Adam Rand, Donald Regan, Lt. Robert Regan, Christian Regenhard, Lt. Vernon Richard, James Riches, Joseph Rivelli Jr., Kevin Reilly, Michael Roberts (L35), Michael Roberts (E214), Anthony Rocco Jr., Anthony Rodriquez, Matthew Rogan, Nichlas Rossomando, Paul Rubach, Stephen Russell, Lt. Michael T. Russo, B.C. Matthew L. Ryan, Thomas Sabella, Christopher Santora, John Santore, Gregory Saucedo, Dennis Scauso, John Schardt, B.C. Fred Scheffold, Thomas Schoales, Gerard Schrang, Gregory Sikorsky, Stephen Siller, Stanely Smagala Jr., Kevin Smith, Leon Smith Jr., Robert Spear Jr., Joseph Spor, B.C. Lawrence Stack, Capt. Timothy Stackpole, Gregory Stajk, Jeffery Stark, Benjamin Suarez, Daniel Suhr, Lt. Christopher Sullivan, Brian Sweeney, Sean Tallon, Allen Tarasiewicz, Paul Tegtmeirer, John Tierney, John Tipping II, Hector Tirado Jr., Richard VanHine, Peter Vega, Lawrence Veling, John Vigiano II, Sergio Villanueva, Lawrence Virgilio, Lt. Robert Wallace, Jeffery Walz, Lt. Michael Warchola, Capt. Patrick Waters, Kenneth Watson, Michael Weinberg, David Weiss, Timothy Welty, Eugene Whelan, Edward White, Mark Whitford, Michael Weinberg, Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, B.C. John Williamson, Capt. David Wooley, Raymond York
9/11 was a very mixed feelings day for me. I woke up early that morning to having contractions and got to the hospital about 8:00 that morning. On the ride to the hospital there was nothing beind said about the towers on the radio so I guess it hadnt happened yet, or hadnt yet been reported to our part of the country. I got to the hospital and went upstairs to the little room with my husband and a Dr. came in and popped my water. The Dr walked out and another nurse was in the room with us when a nurse came in the door and told her that the world trade center had just been bombed. I guess at that time no one was really sure what happened. So we turned on the tv and I gave birth to my son at 1:52pm with news coverage going on about the towers in the background. 9/11 isnt the reason I became a fire fighter. I became a fire fighter because I like to help people. My husband and I have told our son numerous times how special his birth is to us, and what happened the day he was born. Trentons goal is to become a fire fighter or a police officer when he gets older and I think that is very a fitting profession for him considering his birthday.
Ever sense the towers fell I have been more alert even though I am legally blind. I have my ways of being able to describe how people look. I still hear the roaring sounds of the jets.  I am going to be taking an active part in a 9/11 10th annaverciy event at the Hall of Flame Museum.

 "I" was a Fire-Fighter from 1964-to-1999 Both -Volunteer & Paid. On that 911-Day "I" was working for a Private Company and checking buildings and was to be attending a class near Tower #-1- "I" was Late and I was on the Brooklyn Bridge when the 1st-first plane hit the Towers. It was SO hard to believe, but I knew it was NOT a small aircraft. I tried to HELP ! but was told I was Retired and could NOT. I spent many many hours trying but to NO! avail. I was spared by GOD-Jesus christ & his grace on the 911-Day.

"10 years ago, DJ Sammy and Yanou released a version of "Heaven" featuring the words of a five year old girl who lost her father in the 9-11 attacks. This is the updated story of the girl from age five through today in her high school years."

I am not a fireman, but I am a survivor of the attacks of the WTC.  I was in the south tower on the 78th floor but I left between the 2 planes.  There were 5 of us there that morning but only 2 of us got out.


I was in Disney with my daughter in 2003 (she was 7 on 9/11) and there was a NYC fireman in the park with his kids.  His arms were huge and he had a 9/11 tattoo for his fallen friends.  I said to my daughter look, even here they remember it.


I am not an outgoing person, especially at that time about the events of September 11, 2001.  He ended up being at our hotel and I ended up talking to him for about 2 hours.


We talked about his experience and my experience.  I said to him how do you go to a building like that that when everyone else is running away.  He said it's just adrenaline. 


My wife and volunteer at the Tribute Center ( in NYC and one of my associates always tells the tourists that the first responders did just a great job.  2749 people died in NYC that day, but 1365 were in tower 1 above the impact zone and I think 595 were above the impact zone in tower 2 and about 413 uniformed personnel died (343 fireman, 37 port authority police, 23 NYC police and I think 10 EMS).  While 2749 people is not a trival number less than 400 people below the impact floors were killed.  This is 100% a tribute to first responders and the job they did.


I have met many fireman over the past 2 years at the Tribute Center and I ask them the same question and always get a similar answer, its just the job, adrenaline.  I don't believe it and I don't get it.  I think you are just an amazing group of people.  There are no other words I can say.


Whatever makes you people do what you do, I thank you and I know a lot of other people thank you.


Brian Branco




A positive Story:

I was at home & just got off my shift at the local factory(see below). My wife & I were having a cup of coffee when they broke in on the morning show we were watching & said one of the towers was hit by an airplane. I just thought it was a small prop plane or small jet. Then the other plane hit the other tower. I watched the TV for the next 3 days in a stupor, not comprehending anything. One of the worst feelings was when I went outside & looked up in the sky & didn't see any plane entrails. It was an eerie feeling, so quiet. I knew at that point I had to do something.  Being an Army veteran I wanted to re-enlist & find whomever it was & give them a what for. My wife nixed that idea, something about the 3 kids, I understood. My buddy had been pestering me to join the local fire dept, Pultneyville Fire & Water Rescue, for years. Being a son of a FF from the 70's I was interested but didn't feel I had the time. Well my buddy cornered me again & I told him if he wanted me to join to stop by & pick me up some time. Well he did on October 1st, 2001, October 8th my application was submitted & I was voted in November 12th. When that happened I became a sponge for everything about the profesion. 10 years later I am where I am because of September 11th, 2001!!! 

Stephen Niles

Fire Marshal/Chief

Xerox Fire Dept

SWEET! Be Safe Out There Brother!
Hi.  When 9/11/01 happened I was working in Chicopee, MA. on the Air Force Base and I didn't know my wife at the time, but she was in high school in Fitchburg, MA. and she has been hearing about what was going on and what was happening.

‎ I was a First Responder on that fateful day 10 years ago. I had trained in CISM/D ‎Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing, it seemed few people were training ‎for CISM at the time. On 08 Jan 2002, my CISM/D instructor, Roland Kandle (Roland ‎was the Director of the Mercury Critical Incident Stress Management Team he was ‎also PAPD CISM Commander) died of a heart attack, after teaching as many of us to ‎know and use CISM to do the best and most advantageous work to assist the ‎overwhelmed and critically stressed individual. ‎
I, with, other members of United States Search and Rescue Task Force were invited ‎to come directly to the World Trade Center Location that had already been ‎designated "Ground Hero". We all were aware of what we were really going into, it ‎was never really a rescue operation as much as it was a recovery effort. I know that seems harsh, yet the ‎best way to manage what we see and encounter, is to keep things as realistic as ‎possible. ‎
I was on the Pile so often I felt strange when I went home even for a day or two. I ‎had the most awful dreams after I came home for many months it took all I had to ‎face the demons of my sleep. ‎
I, like others, slept on or under desks for the first week. We were burned out and yet ‎we kept each other going. At the time we were a newly forged family and we were ‎taking no chances with each other. My friend went with me to help with some ‎donation pick ups. He went back to PA and he died a week later. For me that was ‎one of the hardest deaths I have dealt with.‎
I am still in Emergency Services; I am a proud Fire Fighter, and an Officer with ‎United States Search and Rescue Task Force. ‎
I was affected personally and in my services very deeply. I had a hard time getting ‎back to normal when it was over enough to go home. I did some interviews that ‎were very positive and then I became angered as I started investigating and looking ‎into the lack of actions taken or not taken on Sept 11, 2001, and the days both ‎preceding and after Sept 11. I did several radio interviews, both Internet and regular ‎radio about what I saw, what I thought, and any speculations I might have. People ‎came from all over America right to my house and interviewed me about what I saw ‎thought etc. I tried to keep things simple and clear, now I just make the best of the ‎day and enjoy the people I am with. I am a Fire Fighter after I was told I would not ‎recover from my Sept 11 injuries and WOULD NEVER wear SCBA or bunker gear ‎without passing out or having another heart attack! I had a rough time cardiac, ‎pulmonary, oral and maybe even brain wise. I lost all my teeth; I could not walk and ‎talk  and breathe as I went down the hall to use the restroom. I have brain tumors. I was in bed for years. I never gave ‎up and I never will. Today as I watch it is clearer than ever so much could have ‎been done differently. Today I advocate by being an example. I will stay in Emergency ‎Services forever if I have it my way. Now I train as I live and live as I train even ‎more than ever. I share with the young men and women especially youth as much as ‎I can so that they always remember what I can never forget. My love for adrenaline ‎sometimes makes me feel badly that I like the rush so much; I stood on the remains ‎of thousands while in New York. This is a sobering fact and this is a sobering ‎reminder of what went wrong in policy, leadership and accountability. On a positive ‎note...I love more than ever, I enjoy the moments I have in the sun, in the rain, ‎with friends and with family. I am forever changed for the better I pray.‎
May you be with the ones you love this somber Sunday and smile a smile for those ‎of us that do feel forgotten, and remember if we can keep going...So can you. God ‎Bless you, and thank you for reading my accounting, my apologies if I ran on. I look ‎forward to reading and training and sharing with you all.‎
Sincerely and with the warmest of regards, SGT Matthew H Tartaglia USSARTF, Fire ‎Fighter Perkasie Fire Co 1 Engine 26/76. I remain forever vigilant.‎
‎ ‎

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