Serious Games as an Education & Training Tool for First Responders

Is anyone familiar with Seriosu Games and their applications to first responders?

A Serious Game according to Wiki ( ) is, "A serious game is a term used to refer to a software or hardware application developed with game technology and game design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. Serious games include games used for educational, persuasive, political, or health purposes."

A few websites supporting the use of Serious Games include the following:

Specific to Emergency Managers are some of the following:

Will Interactive


United Nations Food Force

Breakaway (Incident commander)

Evacuation Simulator

RescueSim (Also Vstep)

With budgets getting tighter, is Serious Games a serious way of addressing some of the training shortfalls?

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Just found another one in an email newsletter- FLAMESIM

There's a great flash video here
That Wiki and the Serious Games Initiative is a fantastic source of information about serious games. There's also a big conference in April 2009 in Washington DC that focuses on Serious Games, it is called the 3D TLC (Training, Learning and Collaborating) conference. I'm looking into what it would take to be a speaker at the conference becuase we've been working on Code3D for the past 5 years and most people really think it helps enhance the training they already do in their fire stations. I wish we could make it to FDIC this year but the economy tightening has us on a short travel budget, but if you are interested in learning more about serious games in general or Code3D, let me know
Emily, how did you guys go with that award you were trying for recently? (I can;t remember what it was called, but was open to a bid wide variety of businesses)
We used to have a "game" that circulated around the firehall for a while. That was a long time ago, DOS based, graphics were blocks for building and trucks and there was a graph for the fire intensity. It was more of a command critique that an interactive tool. You were given a scenario (which you read) and you had to position your aparatus and decide your water supply. After that you had to remember to do all the tasks that needed to be done before the fire was extinguished (ventilate, overhaul, salvage, rescue, etc) and it would rate how well you responded to the progress of your efforts.

I guess you can say it was like playing pong, it was all you had. It is kind of a shame that in the day of Xbox, wii and pc gameing that there isnt more that can be useful to the fire service. WHAT AN IDEA!! wii firefighting! Multiple players working together just like playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero! What a concept.
Joseph have a look through some of the links I've put into the replies- many of them are first person perspective, so it's very lifelike.

The Code 3D that Emily mentions above is actually free!
I've just finsihed mucking around with the Flame-Sim demo software.

Very impressive! Good fun too.

Killed myself a couple of times doing different things.

Did various types of ventilation (windows, doors, roof), searched rooms, suppressed fire, rescued a victim, etc.
Even did ventialtion and a search WITHOUT using SCBA! Never thought I'd see the day...!


This is available for both PC and mobile playing....
Serious Games Showcase and Challenge:

Future-Making Serious Games:

An advanced step forward into the future of medical training, Burn Center not only provides the immersive (and much-needed) experience of a full-scale, chaotic triage situation, but it also features an extensive resuscitation mode that follows patients over the course of 36 hours of treatment on an intensive care unit following a disaster event.
I do have a couple of games at the moment i wanna upload onto my computer and give a shot but due to not having enough RAM and memory space im just going to have to wait till i can upgrade to a bigger CPU

Emergency 3 mission life is one of the games i have got it allows the player to go through different emergency scenarios and coordinate the fire fighters & paramedics in containing fires and rescuing the casualties
If i can remember correctly one year while in Canberra on a camping trip with my year 10 civics class there was fire fighting game in a video games plaza where the player had control of a fire hose and had to put out the flames inside a room using the different nozzle settings such as fog and jet

But i like the idea of having a fire fighting game being introduced to Playstation 2, Xbox and Wii cause it will give us vollie fire fighters something to sharpen our skills up during winter

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