Looking for some insight into the self supporting dump tanks and thoughts/opinions on them.  Our department is looking at replacing our "traditional" style dump tanks and going with these.  They seem to be easier in setting up and taking less personnel to do it with.  All thoughts & opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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No Chief, basically like the pools you can buy where you just unroll them and start dumping water into them and they raise up on their own as water is added.

This is the set up we use in our area, portable drop tanks, very light weight, frame is usually made up of alluminum and are collapsable and go on the side of a truck as shown. I honestly can't say I've seen an unsupported tank before everyone in our region uses these.
Afternoon Jeff,

That is the style we currently use but after seeing a video demo of these and talking to several dealers at FDIC, I was really impressed with this "newer" style of dump tank.
The "pumpkin" has been in use for years by federal agencies. They're great. I recommend their ease of use and durability. When folded like a pie crust they take up less space.
Since I am new at this "pumpkin" thing, the tank itself in that photo looks fairly tall, do you pump it off the tanker since it's too tall for a gravity dump? how do you suction out of the tank to the engine/pumper or truck which ever you you are using at the time?
I have seen the pumpkin in use on wildfires. It's set next to a river or a lake and filled by a portable pump, then wildland engines draft out of it on their way to their assignments. You bring up a good point: It may not be so useful for urban/structure water supply if a tanker cannot dump into it. I do think it might be possible for our tanker to dump into it with an extension on the dump. Ours is pretty high.
Also - surely these pumpkins come in different sizes.
Here we go...
Thanks for the info, most of what we do is rural and the drop tank works well for the engine draft our wildland stuff isn't too big until you get to the western side of south dakota and then I could see this application. Thanks again for the information.

I spoke with the chief of a neighboring dept who has recently purchased a 4000 gallon version and he says they absolutely love it. I'm going to take a look at it tomorrow night and see it in action.

According to the chief, 1-2 people can set this up. They hook up to the pumper just like the square tanks do. In the low side tanks, the tankers/tenders can back up to the tank and dump into it just like we do know. He stated that the tanks can be hooked together very easily and a one way valve keeps the water from "back-feeding".

The pic I used above is the high side version and is geared towards use for helicopters on wildland fires.

I'll post pictures towards the end of the week after I go to the demo.
Thanks Tom that would be great.
I tried to use one once while conducting a Water Supply Class. Getting water from tank 1 to tank 2 while using on of these tanks and a section of hard sleeve, found the sleve collapsed the self-supporting tank. While this was a one time thing, it did impact the ability to use this thank this time.
Our dept has a 5000 gallon free standing dump tank. Works really well for departments with limited man power.

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