Does anyone have any experience using Scott Pak's prescription eyeglass insert for your face mask?  Considering getting a pair for our AV-2000 masks.  The mask won't seal up around my face when I wear the glasses after i take my contacts out for the evening. 

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Not sure of the mask number but we got the NXG2's when they first came out, and everyone got their own mask. The inserts I have are like a thick black military spec that has a piece that slided over a notch on the nose piece inside the mask. If i haven't got my contacts in they work awesome, and I leave them in when stored. As its alot easier to get them out then it is to try to put them back on when there is a call. I'll see if i can get some pics of them.
Jason, I too would be interested in seeing some pics.if you could obtain some.
Over the years, I have seen several personnel wear the insert type glasses. I had a Captain that swore by them. He also used the AV-2000 mask. A little pricey as I recall, but effective. They were not fashionable, but again, they were effective.

Bigger question, will your department provide them? The department I used to work for, would not provide them for their personnel. The department I work for now, does. There is no policy for or against, we just err on the side of caution and try to provide for a safe working environment for everyone.
Yes, I would like to see some pics if you can get them!!
We are a small volunteer FD. Cover 35 sq. miles & approx. 1600 population. Our department will not provide them. We don't have too many fire runs that require the air packs, but when we do need them, i want to be able to put my pack on and go without being blind without my glasses at night.
I have a pair of the glasses for the Scott mask and they work great. They didn't cost that much to have the lenses installed back 4 years ago. I think it was only $20-25.
I could handle that price, or even up to 40-50 bucks. I figured the price would be up in the 100-200 dollar range since you don't see them that often.

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