Do u think all busses need seat belts. watch the video and see what you think.

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i think if all school busses had seatbelts it would cut down on kids getting serious injuries and plus keeping them from getting thrown around inside the bus.
i would wear mine i know that, but a lot of the ppl on my bus wouldn't. i think it would be incredibly hard to enforce
they could put a device in the bus like they do in car where it shows the light and the dinging nosie
Justin It might work on the younger kids but the jr &high school ones will not because they think nothing can hurt them at this age
Agreed. Tried for years to get them to wear their seat belts... nothing doing. Fortunately school buses are about the safest vehicles on the road today.
yeah i agree.they should have seat belts
i can see the body of the bus safe. but if it rolls or hit something head on the kids will be fling around inside the bus.
if they did something like that i think it would just put a lot more strain on the bus driver and make buses more likely to be late to school / home. we already wait for ppl to walk all the way down their drive which takes a long time. waiting for ppl to put seatbelts on would make it worse
this is a no brainer your takin a load of kids down the the road 55+ miles an hour and it has an acident .there going to get hurt. i have 6 kids and have always had a problem with kids not strapped in on a bus . some of the bus drivers cant drive to start with . they pass laws making you buckle up to drive but our kids are not protected . WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING
ITS time to step into the 20th centry lawmakers
am i wrong for thinking this way .

sorry i vented
I'm not sure what year it came in, but all new buses over here now require seatbelts installed at manufacture. ithink from memory, it's only in the last few years this came in...
This is an old report, but just found this on google:
the US needs to move forward and follow ur country lutan1. because kids are our future leaders plus i dont like seeing a kid get hurt

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