I want to present this on an upcoming meeting I would love on how to make this better. The whole powerpoint is an outline of my speech, any help on how to improve this would be great.

Explorer meeting by the way. Thanks to all of you great firefighters Hope your New Years went well

-I would ignore the time slide due to that's just a point on knowing the time really helps out on knowing what to expect on the scene. 

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Picking a rather broad topic here and it varies by the number of different calls to respond on, so it is difficult to give pointers on something so broad.


There are things that we can do right away for any scene and that is to have your PPE and ensure it is in good working order. From there one should be able to don the appropiate gear for the emergency. Safety glasses is something that can and should be used all the time. For EMS calls, obviously wear gloves....listen to the nature of the call, you may need to stage and let LE clear a scene first too. Vehicle accidents...wear turnouts if involved in extrication, reflective vests....gloves, eyewear again. Fires, once again PPE, self explanatory,


The variables come in to which the call originates, be it EMS, fire, MVA, rescue, etc. A simple thing is to take a systematic approach to any scene and size up starts before the rig rolls. What are the weather conditions, what is the nature of the call, who else is responding? and so on. When rolling, listen to updates, look for smoke or visible cues prior to scene arrival. Approaching the scene, observe what the conditions are, look for things that don't seem right, etc. Getting off the rig...look for traffic, protect the scene for responders (especially MVAs) put out cones, etc. Approach the scene, observe outside and work your way in....try to avoid the "candle moth" where focus is placed on the big factor and you miss the ejected passenger in the bushes or wires down. Observe conditions...smoke, fire, leaks, etc.


It could go on and on, but basically it comes down to working your way in closer and closer and obviously much of this is done quickly and simultaneously, but take a systematic approach.

Thanks John you give the best of responses :D

Seeing that you did not provide the PPT for review, it's hard to really offer any constructive criticism. Scene safety as John said is a pretty broad brushed topic. If you are focusing on safety officer types of things compared to scene preservation for arson investigation then you are looking at two totally different mind sets. What is your focus?

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