Out of the following 2007 NFPA compliant SCAB's Avon, Draeger, Scott, Sperian, and MSA what are your thoughts on each pack? If your using one of them now what are your likes dis likes or changes you would like to see?

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Just started using the new scot 4.5 c burn packs with buddy breathing line and hot fill adapters all very nice but the alligator clips vs the parachute clips on the shoulder straps are a real disappointment.

Try backing off those alligator clips on air with gloves on vs the old parachute clips - drill drill drill but tough evolution. Hello Tico corp change it back keep it simple.
well at my department we use the scott ap75 and NXG7 there both great the bottles are so easy to change there should be more air supply we only have 45 min i guess thats enough though but we love them
MSA all the way. Your periphery is not blocked at all. A "60 minute" bottle weighs as much as a Scott "30 minute" bottle. You regulator slides on and is in the ready to attach position, in stead of hanging of to the side somewhere. The waist belt carries 90% of the packs weight. I've has Scott packs for 18 years, now that I've used MSA, I'd personally never go back!
We updated to Sperian Warriors a year ago and so far,so good.I like the positioning of the HUD and the reworked regulator.Much more glove friendly than the older models.Harness system is great!Like having the weight on my hips instead of hanging off the shoulders.
Only used Scotts. Currently, we use the Scott Air Pack 50 with 45 minute bottles. I like them. Seems to carry enough air before you need a break, comfortable, though a little dissapointed about the weight. Even with carbon fiber bottles, not much lighter than an Scott 2.2 with the 30 minute aluminum bottles we used to have.
we use MSA firehawk appsolotly love this scba easy to use and comfortable to wear
The MSA Firehawk is pretty sweet. Biggest plus is the UltraElite facepiece because of the wide range of sight. We also have a personal escape system in our waist belt.
I'm glad to hear you like the MSA so much, but I think you are comparing apples to oranges on the cylinders. If your SCOTT 30 was as heavy as an MSA 60 I'm guessing the SCOTT was not a carbon composite cylinder, and the MSA is. Nearly all of the cylinders used in the fire service are made by 2 companies and then private labeled to the SCBA manufacturer so cylinders of similar composition would be of similar weight. The new technology that has gone into SCBA design has mad them all far more comfortable than they used to be. One of the features I like about the MSA is the inhalation check valve in the mask. It prevents contamination of the regulator and "sharing germs".
My department is in an evaluation for purchase of new SCBA. We are in SCOTT AP50, AP75, and NxG2 (about 150 scba). My perspective is more that of a technician at this point, as I'm not an active firefighter at my current department. I like the dual reducer on the SCOTT that alerts you if you have a failure in the primary by activating the vibra-alert. I think the purge knob is too fragile. I am regularly replacing them from gorillas trying to turn them the wrong way, or the regulators being impacted on the knob. I'd like to see SCOTT, and all of the other manufacturers offer an audible 50% air warning since many departments are going to operational guidelines requiring you to begin egress with 50% or more remaining air. Just my nickels worth...
We have been using Drager for around 12 years now, and we just went to the new 7000 series. They are great. We tested with the MSA firehawk and the Drager. Our dept decided to stick with the new Dragers. They are comfortable, have quarter turn bottle disconnect, and simple push to re-attach a bottle. We use the 45 min bottles. Great packs overall. The face piece has more visibility than any other that I have tried also. It has better voice amps for it that are clear instead of having the old "tin can" sound. The pack frame is adjustable from short to tall as well but I can't remember if the MSA had that feature or not. They are comfortable to wear as well.
In the past I have used MSA, Interspiro, Scott 2.2 & 4.5.
As far as the dislikes of it, I think most of what we didn't like with the old style Drager they have fixed with this new model.
We hated the integrated radio/comm connections with the old, and didn't like how fast the straps tore up. The voice amp on the old style was crap also. Visibility wasn't great with the old style either.
Does your department maintain the packs, or have a local vendor take care of them? We are evaluating packs right now, and I'm looking to contact service techs that don't work directly for vendors in order to get a realistic idea of any issues they are seeing.
There is only one pack SCOTT.

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