im not gripping just asking what all of you think yes or no, i vote yes we should wear them

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The obvious answer is yes...check out what can happen if you don't (other than dying early from breathing in all that crap):
There are so many reasons to wear SCBA at car fire. 1. the gases that are release! 2. super heated smoke and gases that can turn and be inhaled. 3. exploding air bags, tires, hood cylinders, bumper mounts....etc. 4. you knoever know what is in that vehicle!! I opened a trunk one night to find five or six small propane cylinder in there!
I wish I had an old report from about 15 years ago, it talked about vehicle fire investigators getting sick and dying from the fumes and left over products from car fire days before. As they dug through the debris, they didn't wear masks or SCBA.
I don't want that crap in my lungs.
I don't want that crap in my lungs.
OORAHA!! well said capt...BTW-do you miss riding tailboard? i found a picture of myself as a probie riding tailboard in 197-CLASSIFIED and i had fond memories. so dangerous but back then it was so fun

Just found this photo on someone's profile here on FFN- apparently junk yard fires don't pose the same levels of risk????
charlie foxtrot :D
It's department policy to wear SCBA's at car fire's. We had a LT that had an engine block explode on him. That made a believer out of everyone.
I agree with you, they should be worn. Simply because of all the different types of materials used in auto construction today. When on fire these plastics and metals combine to make who knows what kind of possible TOXIC SMOKE.
Dang strait, where them.

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