im not gripping just asking what all of you think yes or no, i vote yes we should wear them

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I wasnt saying that it was going to protect me from it. I was just try to point out that trying to use geting tangled in an airbag is no notto wear your SCBA.
OK.....I accept that one....LOL....I was going to offer a demonstration....I was going to ask you to put a pack on then hit you in the kisser with a bat and see what happens.....LOL
YES!!! Car fires are verry unpredictable also the smoke is just as if not more toxic than smoke in a building fire.
and if you notice they aren't wearing their "Darth Vader" helmets
I have been stubid befor and used not pack. That was allso a few years ago befor we had an air unit in the county and it was had to get our packs filled. Now if its anything more then a grass fire I am in my pack wearing it. I love fighthing fire but I work 2 jobs now if i cant work I cant pay bills. So dont be a fool wear your pack and use it.
we should use water to put fires out too
WTF? Now you're being stupid! We don't need no stinking water. All fires eventually burn themselves out...
Without a doubt SCBA should be worn on all car fires. With the materials being used in the manufacturing process these days and the toxic fumes they give off during combustion you would have to be crazy no to wear them.
Asst Chief and this is how you communicate....?
If anybody doubts the need to wear an SCBA at a car fire just watch all the videos of magnesium reacting to water and air bags exploding with fire fighters in close proximity. Plus all the issues of toxicity mentioned already
OK..this post has been beaten to death...Let's cut the crap....This is me speaking as a Safety Officer..".Put the shit on, wear it or don't go to the call." End of discussion....If anyone doesn't understand that let me know...I can be alittle more direct
No I am not the best typer and did it when I was about to go to sleep. Sorry for the bad post.
I will say it....I know we should wear SCBAs on car fires but with only 2 spare bottles on the wagon I am not going to use my air on a car fire and then stay out of service for 30 min while I wait for the air unit to come from some were in the city, and have a other companys run in my area while I wait to have my bottle filled.

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