Last night at our dept meeting i was just issued a SCBA mask.  While going over it and trying it on I ran into a bit of an issue.  Right now i wear glasses.  Need them blind as a bat without them.  The issue is the frames catch on the seal when putting it on.   It makes me wonder if they are going to mess with the seal of the mask.  Nobody else wears glasses so they were no help.  Anyone ever deal with this and if so what was the fix?



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What kind of SCBA do you use?  I know we use Scott, and they make an insert that can take your perscription lenses and it fits into the mask.  I have one and they work great, just fog up a little but not like the mask doesnt fog up either.

Ask your chief, they are supposed to supply you with what you need and they can set it up.  You would have to order the special frames, take them to your eye doctor and have the department pay to have your perscription lenses installed in the frames.

Hope this helps.


I wear RX glasses also, but am not very "blind."

I just do without when I'm wearing my mask. I know that's no help to you.

Look up your SCBA manufacturer's website and look for RX inserts, then do as Moose suggests: Very nicely ask the Chief if the department can help.

They make special frames that fit inside the mask or at least we have them for our MSA packs for a few of the guys that wear glasses. We purchase the frames and then the guys took them to their eye doctor and had special safety glass lenses mounted in them. The also come with an elastic strap to help hold them on.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info guys.  Im due for a new set of eyes anyway so I'll talk to my chief and see what they can do and then just bring the mask in with me when trying on frames and get what fits best in the mask.

Being in the same situation as you, I can assure you that regular glasses will not work no matter what brand your SCBA is. You will need to either get contacts or order a spectacle kit from your SCBA manufacturer.

Scott does make an attachment that goes inside your mask that hold the  lenses that you will need to have made to fit the frames. I use them in my Scott AV 3000 and have no trouble with them. You will have to contact your air pack dealer. But they are out there. although the lenses have to be safety glass why I don't know so it cost me $350.00 just for the lenses


Captain Rick Spider Kramer

Cortland Fire Dept.

MSA makes an insert for their SCBA ( i believe all manufacturers do) when you get you new eyes, order the inserts and use the old eyes as the donor specs for the insert. The do not have to be safety glasses other wise normal sighted people would have to also wear safety glasses under their SCBA. 

Whatever you do do not bring your SCBA mask to eye doctor all that will do is give them something to talk and laugh about over the water cooler until the next time you come in.

Either they can order you a spectacle kit which with lenses will be about $130 or you will need to wear contacts. You regular frames will prevent a seal

You can buy inserts that go into the SCBA facepiece.  I wear glasses but I just take them off if I need to go on SCBA.   If interior, you cant really see anything so glasses aren't going to help you out.   Our SOPs state that nothing will be worn that will compromise the seal of the mask.

Jason the ones that fit inside the mask are special frames that come from the SCBA manufacturer or someone who can match their specs. No need to take the face piece with you to the eye glass place. 

Jason Van Order said:

Thanks for the info guys.  Im due for a new set of eyes anyway so I'll talk to my chief and see what they can do and then just bring the mask in with me when trying on frames and get what fits best in the mask.

AS it is now, it absolutely will make a significant difference and create  a safety issue for you. Check out previous responses for options.

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