OK so recently I have come across a topic inside of a topic dealing with the color of air cylinder on our S.C.B.A. and of those colors what one or combo of colors is best.




  In case you are still wondering this is a joke but still I think it would be interesting to find out I for right now am going with White as the color of shoice becuse of heat absorption but I am leaning towords chrome plated tp reflect the heat (Thank your Cpt. Busy for the idea)

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I usually ignore these 'what colour' threads, as I see them as a joke. But this one? The colour of a BA cylinder? To put it simply, what the hell does it matter? An air cylinder is an air cylinder - it holds air for us to breath!

I don't think chrome plating to reflect heat is much of an idea for our carbon fibre cylinders. But apart from that, I've only ever noticed the air from cylinders being warm if they've just been filled, normally they contain nice cold air - whether inside a structure or at training.
Whats wrong Ralph?? Having a hard time on deciding what color they should be?? What do you think, the color purple sound good??
I hear ya!!
Ralph, just remember not to slam the brakes on, you could end-up giving the riders even more brain damage!
Oh, the inhumanity of it all....!!!!! You have to be shitting me right....? Pleas say right......please....??!!!
as long as there are lime green polka dots on it does it really matter....? LOL
I'm going to tell my Chief that I want mine a pretty blue color to match my eyes.......LOL
Can I charge it to the Department (Yeah, right...!!!) My other one got burned up in my inlaws trailer fire.......Boooo-Hoooooo..............
Oh, Man....I am on a run today.........................LOL
I personally preferred the color of "Salty steel and rust" You know of the days past.... oh wait most were playing the first generation nintendo.

Well pipsqueeks that was the "well worked" or "seasoned" airpacks back in the day. Now go scrub a toliet.
Now that is deep...
Silver gray

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