personally only one of our trucks have seatbelts, our other two do not.
I thank that a safety belt is good to use for just riding around, but not to good to use responding to a call, my reasoning with this is because with your turnout gear on it can become very cumbersome to try to fiddle with a belt.

Thease are my thoughts, i would like to hear other peoples views.

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Take your commitment to firefighter safety to the next level and sign the National Seat Belt Pledge -

Each year over 10 firefighters lose their lives because they did not wear their seatbelts. Lose the "It's never going to happen to me" attitude and buckle up. It's selfish to do otherwise.
NO...!!! Seat belts save is that fact it is our policy that the truck does not roll out of the barn unless everyone is belted....NO EXCEPTIONS..!! Excuses like the ones mentioned are like butt holes....we all have them and they all stink......sorry about being crude...but would rather see some crude rememberable remarks than to see a Brother or Sister lying dead in the road.....Stay safe...Keep the Faith.......Paul
I'm with you on that one Paul. There's no reason why in 2009 firefighters are still not wearing their friggin seatbelts! Stay safe!
Our policy is this. Buckle the seat belt, no discussion
if they are too snug, buy extensions
SCBA donning is done at the scene
This is specifically the reason NFPA has made all truck manfacturers put onboard monitoring systems
Is this a serious blog or what.... seems like a bunch of children bickering
its very easy to explain ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT theres no other way to say it
"if they are too snug, buy extensions"

If they're too snug, lose some friggin weight! (I'm just saying) Stay safe!

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