I was at a house fire this week and I noticed several things that look like an accident waiting to happen ! Several firefighters from the county we were assisting had put the tools they were using to tear out the walls, down after they were done with them, with the claws turned up! I did say anything then,I just went over and turned them over so the claws were turned down so nobody would get hurt if they accidently tripped or fell on them,but when I got back to station and said something about what I noticed ,I was told I should not say anything about it at the meeting at the station! I should just watch what I am doing at a fire scene and dont worry about what anyone else is doing! Well, I was under the impression we watch each others back so we all go home safe from a scene! Pointing out ones mistakes only helps us all learn from it and keeps us all safe,as I see it!Please let me know if Im wrong at the way I am looking at this! I now am wondering if I have anyone watching my back at a fire!

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By being told not to say anything, that person was suggesting that by saying something (and as it was a mutual aid call to another department) that department may not request you next time out. What other reason would they have for telling you to forget it?

That should have floated up the chain, with a friendly phone call to the other department and an 'oh by the way maybe just give the guys a heads up about safely putting tools down.' Is IS about safety, yours and everyone else on scene. Everyone knows well enough not to set down a flowing handline, why would setting down a tool in a hazardous manner or location be seen as any less safe?

You might want to reconsider with whom you speak next time you have an issue.
Gayle, Its all about teamwork if we all work together it works so much better. If something is not safe it is your job to speak up. You may see something that has been looked over just waiting to hurt someone.Our department is all about safety.We cannot help someone else if we get hurt.We are a team and together we can win but only if we work together.
Hey Guy's Thanks for the support and advise on this subject!I know I am new on the job and just learning!I have always been a detail oriented person and have an eye on seeing thing others don't ,it's how I learn! I was'nt trying to shame anyone ! Just wanted to bring it to everyones attention of it being an accident waiting to happen!I know the other department was busy tearing out the exterior wall to make sure the fire was out but they where throwing the burnt wood out of the window down on the porch deck with the nails up and their tools down with claws up!I know they get in that tunnel vision thing concentrating on the fire but I feel they should'nt loose sight of safety at the same time!I want us all to go home safe!
Gayle, You absolutely did the right thing! It doesn't matter if you have one day on the job or 20 years, it's everyone's job to look out for each other, when it comes to safety! What if someone did get hurt from the unsafe act? Bet they would of said why didn't someone say something, or correct the unsafe act.

For the person that told you not to say anything, well that says a lot for that person! Never be afraid to address a safety issue. You go sister!
While I agree that care needs to be taken when someone drops and abandons a tool, I wouldn't have the same concern with a pile of burned lumber with nails in them. It's not practical to expect that the nails would be pulled or peened over, it's more of a strip and toss operation. Key thing to remember here is NOT to walk through a pile of debris outside a window or door.
Good eye Gayle. You are totally right in what you did and actually should have gone further with it.
Here's something to think about. I'll play the "what-if" game. What if, instead of you noticing the tool and correcting the situation, you were the one to step on it and either put it through your foot or bust an ankle or knee.

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