so we all know that civs tend to say stupid things or make dumb remarks like "we shouldnt have them on the pay roll, they sit there all day"

well i want to know sometihng you remember of a bystander being either one, really dumb or two, really stupid...

we all know the most common question when on scene "is there a fire?".. no mam we just like to show our trucks off to the public,

i also want to know your responce to the people that made that comment,

mine is...
i was sitting in school and a kid said " you know, my uncle is a cheif of a police station and he told me firefighters dont ever do anything, and you know what, hes right"

my responce " thats why 343 ff died in 9/11 right? because they werent doing anything"

another was that same day, a kid said "so if that means you dont have to go to college then that means you pretty much have to be dumb to be a ff"

my responce " wow, thats one of the most idiotic things ive heard, ill tell you what.. give me your adress and when your house catches we wont even bother comeing, because us firefighters are too dumb"

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What... What did I do.
hey now hey now, lets relax here.. i really dont think he was trying to be mean, and half the stuff i couldnt understand what he was saying, but we all just need to chill =)

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