have a rookie on our dept. and he does screw up alot, but last night on a structure fire as a mutual aid dept, he did a knock out job, you could not ask for a better performance out of anybody.

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way to go to the rookie... sometimes they do mess up a lot but when they are needed and when something goes wrong they are usually the ones we can count on to do somthing...
i would agree, i have been the ass chief on this dept. for about ten years and i have never been as proud of a firefighter as i was last night than i was of him.
Sometimes it just takes on call for the training to click and them to understand what to do!

Way to go rookie!
im a volunteer and i was hanging out with a career fire dept one day and one of the probies was trying to fill the wildland truck up with water and he had everything hitched up right but when he opened the hydrant to fill the truck the water went shooting upwards. i was like shut it down so he did he checked the truck and tried again well it did the same thing so his lt. came out and looked at the truck and he check to make sure all the valves were opened and he opened the hydrant it did the same thing i laughed cause he didnt have the intake valve opened and they both looked at me and were like what i was like u might want to open the intake valve and the lts like i did and he checked and sure enough it was closed.. so whos to say that just probies, or rookies do that. i mean i new more than him at that point and he went through the fire accademy .. but hey hes a fellow firefighter and i helped them out.. and now he is one of the most amazing firefighters around here and he always thanks me for that day.. you got to help you brothers/sisters when stuff like that happens..
i would agree with that, i have been on this dept. for about 15 years and i have made many mistakes, but that is where i am trying to be different and praise my guys and i hate to use that term, but they are my guys cause they are a part of me, and that is only when i am the IC
yeah.. my dept. some of they guys forget to put there hoods on or they put them on first and dont put them over there scba we are trying to get them not to do that and they have been on longer than me i always check my partner before we go into a fire just to make sure that everything is one and is covering what its supose to cover.
that is what happened last night, they checked each other and then they told me when they made entry and i gave them a bench mark every ten minutes and they lasted 25, i was floored by this, not only did they do it once but twice, i do love my guys, and i would not trade them for anyone and what makes it even better is that they are volunteers. VOLUNTEERS RULE
Haha yeah Volunteers do rule.... I have only been on my dept for a little over 2 yrs and I always make sure that everyone is ready to go in and then someone checks me.. Im the only girl on my dept full of guys tell you what its hard but my chief tells me that hes proud of me all the time cause i can do things that some of the guys cant and they have a hard time with that.. when i first joined some of the younger guys were like oh she can be our B**ch and clean up after us well they found out real fast that i wasnt gunna clean up there mess that i would clean up my mess and they would do the same with theirs i dont take any sh*t and i think thats why my chief gives me a lot of respect.... and to this day if we get new members on the dept i try to help them with trainings and everything. we have this new guy and he dont want to train with me cause im a girl... what the heck i have my firefighter one which most the guys dont have and i have lots of training im just as good if not better than the guys.. but if thats how hes gunna be then fine with me.....
we sure go through a lot of em to find the keepers. alot of em find out its hard work sometimes and there off.
kayla i would train with you any day, cause it sounds like you know what you are talking about, we have two women on our dept. and they think they are above the law, sad thing is one of them is my sister, and i told her when she got on that is was not her brother on fire calls, then she became a lt, but i have no problem training with another fireman
thats is always a good thing.. yeah I have ex uncle that is my Lt.. but we get along pretty well.. and my cousin is also on the dept.. hes not much of a help he says what all the other guys do but oh well I will still always have their backs in a fire and if they ever needed me...
well of course its going to be hard work its not easy... wow... I love a challenge and love to work hard thats why I love being on the dept so much it keeps me going.

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