Ok, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, I've never been on a forum before to ask a question so here I go.

I'm a new firefighter EMT in Ohio. I've been trying to get a job the past 6 months since graduating with my certification. I'm a 19 year old male, I'm in decent firefighter shape(CPAT a few seconds short of 8 minutes, run six miles 4 times a week) and I graduated as the Valedictorian of my class and school. I've never gotten a ticket, never been in an accident, never done drugs, and have never been arrested. I've tested for several departments and have done reasonably well on most. (Lets face it when I first started testing and filling out applications I had no idea what I was doing compared to now.)

I have progressively gotten further and further into the testing process as time has gone by, but I think I've hit a dead end. The past two departments I've gone in for interviews for the Chief(and the other instance the Captain) told me that I was a wonderful candidate, but for the most part they're going to pass me over because I'm wet behind the ears, and green like the grass on a golf course. Which wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have so many other firefighters vouching that I'm a great kid and will make a good firefighter.(I'm an explorer, local fire department, and I'm pretty well liked up there)So lately I've been thinking about pursuing one of my other plans, the Marine corp Reserves(I originally placed this on the backburner, and tried to get my foot in the door with a department as a part-timer and pursuing my paramedic certification)

I have always wanted to be a marine, even before I fell in love with firefighting. Now I finally get to my question, I was wondering if the Marine Corp would help plead my case with fire departments more than medic school at the moment? I mainly want to prove that I'm not some stupid irresponsible 19 year old. I can go into the marines whenever I want, they want me bad. Also I'm going to do my paramedic training as well, but I was wondering if some of you firefighters may have some advice to help my current problem. The next class at the medic school I want to go to is another 4 months down the road. I just don't want to wait four months and not have made any improvements to my current situation(I'm an admitted workaholic). I can't even land a spot as a volunteer firefighter despite all the people I know, and that vouch for me. Sorry for making such a long post, I hope someone actually got to the end of this and can offer some advice. Basically, will the Marines help me prove to fire departments that I'm capable, and that they should see more in my application than, 19 year old male.