I couldn't help but notice that it's been pretty quiet since Safety Week kicked off. Chris Naum and NFFF have had some excellent articles posted, but since most of you are the "silent majority of FFN", I will simply ask: what have you safely done this week?
I wore my hard hat even where it wasn't required.
I slowed down to below the posted speed limit while driving through a construction zone.
What have YOU done?

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Took a Refresher on NFPA 1403
Performed as safety officer for a live burn evolution and actually corrected some safety issues I observed the participants and instructors doing
This would also be a good time to ask, what else can we (the NFFF and EGH) do to help promote safety among firefighters? What do you want to see from us? If you have opinions, now is the time to make them heard. Thank you Art.
Have any of you witnessed unsafe behavior?
Have any of you been instructed to do something that you felt was unsafe?
Come on; this is where firefighters complain that they don't feel safe with a particular officer.
This is where you believe that an officer is placing you in an unsafe environment.
Where is that passion for safety now?
10,000 replies to a word association game but not one word on the subject of safety?
How sad.
Art....as you have recently found out more firefighters are interested in word association games than in safety (reffering to your recent comments involving Lt. Mccormack).....As for safety stuff I have done....We trained for 8 hours yesterday on our mandatory topics given to us by our department for Safety Survivial week.....we also later that evening attended a seminar on "Common Threads in LODD" presented as a part of the Virginis Fire Officer Academy and taught by a Chief from Montogmery County Maryland, and a Battalion Chief from Prince WIlliam County Virginia.

We as a shift have also made great efforts to enforce the PT policy with each other, and to enforce the seatbelt and High vis vest within the shift.....the est accountability is between us since we are the ones it is going to affect the most.
Made sure my guys were buckled up before the apparatus rolled. I always make sure to tell them that the reason is that if I f**k up behind the wheel, I don't want their blood on my hands!

I began working on getting a rep or two from the local power company to come in and refresh us on the proper way to pull and secure a power meter.

I don' know if this counts, because it seems to be partially involuntary, but as I get older, I have started to slow down behind the wheel(POV).

Oh, and I bought my wonderful wife flowers...just because!

Implemented a department-wide focus on Safety Week, including links to all of the four focus areas for this year.

At our Monday morning staff meeting, reminded the other Chief Officers regarding the Chief Officer component of Safety Week, including the Near Miss reporting system.

Covered for the battalion chief while he returned from a water rescue call towing a boat. I didn't want him to be forced into responding to a fire or extrication with the boat in tow.

Wore my seat belt everywhere I drove, in both my department and personal vehicles.

Signed up several of my department's firefighters to attend Incident Safety Officer class.

Cleaned my turnout gear.

Conducted company officer's training session that included training on safe operation of our new training center.

Ate healthier meals, courtesy of my wife, daughter, and one of our other chiefs who are helping me work on there being less of...me.

Loaned one of our disco smoke machines to a neighboring department to assist them with non-toxic zero-visibility training.

Reviewed Incident Safety Officer checklist in my rig.

Changed the batteries in my personal Weather Alert radio.

Read Art's post above in case I wasn't focused enough on Safety Week.
I wore my new BBP-resistant EMS uniform and ANSI-compliant reflective vest at a crash scene today.

I did NOT tag in at the pumper, however, as I was providing 1st response EMS before the apparatus got on scene.

Two steps forward, one step backward; but progress just the same.
Joe, admitting that you have a problem is the first of the 12 recovery steps. :-)
I don't think FFN has enough server space for me to come TOTALLY clean...
Was there a Safety Week? Great post Chief. Thats how I found out about it. Just this morning I borrowed an excellent recent post by Batt. Chief Ben Waller regarding 2 main causes of FF heartattacks and sent it to our dept newsletter, the County offices and to our County FF newspaper to have it sent out in general emailing and to be published. It should be required reading for all of us who need to understand the need to rotate crews and to take rehab seriously. I did give you all the credit Ben. Here at home we are very good about seatbelts, silly vests and full gear responses. In fact, we dont even let our drunks drive our emergancy vehicles anymore. Thats a good thing right?
I dig your sarcasm!
You remind me of ....


"Hi, I'm Joe, and I'm a....?"

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