Anyone using this tool? We are currently demo testing it. Opinions, thoughts or concerns?

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Why would you cut  windshielf like that in the first place?  We cut the bottom of the windshielf with an axe, go up each side about a foot, then cut the A post with the hydraulic cutter, and either do a total roof removal or flap leaving the windshield attached to the roof. 


Cutting the windshield as demnostrated in the video does what for you?  It doesn't allow patient removal access, it doesn't safely allow for pulling a steering column, as if anyone does that anymore anyways.  Further total removal like that is unnecessary for a flap or toal roof removal.  Now if you were going to use it like we use the axe to cut the bottom and up the sides to the point of cutting the A post then I guess it would make sense. 


The tool seems to work very well.  Fairly fast and efficient.  What is the cost?


The person demonstrating the tool certainly has little understanding of the hazards involved in cutting windshield glass.  No gloves, and no respiratory protection.  The glass dust from windshields has been found to be a carcinogen and because of that I always pull my hood up over my mouth and nose when cutting glass.  Some FDs have there people wear dust masks when cutting glass.


That little toy is going to set you back about 700 bucks, although I found a similar tool from DeWalt that was only about 250.  

Give me a Black & Decker reciprocating saw any day of the week. Not only will it cut windshield glass, but metal as well. And it does not cost an arm and a leg.

I think Don sums this up the best. While this gadget may be effective in its proported use, is it really any more effective than current tools and techniques already out there? Is the cost setback really worth it, especially with cheaper, more versatile, and more cost effective tools already available?

Furthermore, when doing extrication, when really would you remove glass as was done here? The vast majority of depts are going to do what Don describes. I just don't see this single use tool to be an effective enough reason to spend money. This appears to be an waste of money in search of suckers.

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