Retired Oklahoma Firefighter Killed; Shot After Intruding into Police Officer's Home

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YUKON - The retired firefighter who was shot and killed Tuesday as he barged into a Piedmont police officer's home may have been hallucinating and confused, his son said.

Devin Nemecek, 47, was killed about 8 a.m. as he pushed into the Yukon home of Jack Neumann, 37, and attacked him, Yukon police spokeswoman Klare Ly said. Neumann lives at 317 Sunrise Drive, and Nemecek lived a few houses down at 409 Sunrise Drive.

Neumann returned home from work as a Piedmont police officer to find Nemecek banging on his back door and trying to get inside, Ly said. Neumann told him to leave several times as the man barged into the house, and Neumann shot him.

Nemecek was holding a piece of metal and struck Neumann several times, Ly said.

Nemecek used an oxygen tank because of lung and heart damage from injuries suffered while fighting a fire two years ago, his son said.

Garrett Nemecek, 23, of Oklahoma City, said his father sometimes had hallucinations when his oxygen levels were low, and likely thought he was trying to enter his own home when the incident occurred.

"Last night he was having some trouble with his breathing treatments," Garrett Nemecek said. "Once his oxygen gets down to a certain level, he just doesn't know where he's at. He doesn't know his name. ... He would not be himself at all."

Nemecek said his father would never harm anyone under normal circumstances and was an upstanding member of the community who will be missed by his family and friends.

The family is working to set up a memorial of some kind to remember Devin Nemecek.

Garrett Nemecek said he didn't know why his father was outside Tuesday morning, but he had been doing yard work Monday evening and could have been doing more yard work Tuesday.

Neumann told investigators his wife and children, ages 3 and 4, were inside the home at the time of the shooting, Ly said. She said Neumann did not know Nemecek.

"As you can imagine, someone banging on the door trying to get in who is incoherent, you can understand they would be scared," Ly said.

Police release frantic 911 call

A frantic woman's voice can be heard on a 911 call released Tuesday by police. The woman was crying as she told a 911 operator a man with a crowbar was trying to break into her house.

"Shoot him," the woman yelled during the call, apparently to Neumann. A man's voice can be heard shortly thereafter yelling, "Get back!" before a gunshot rang out.

Piedmont Police Chief Jerry Koester said Neumann will be on paid administrative leave until the district attorney rules on the shooting. He described him as an "exemplary" officer who feared for the safety of his wife and two small children.

None of the officer's family members were injured.

"They are obviously shaken up and scared," Ly said.

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April 20, 2011

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More magical disappearing posts from Paul Rambo - imagine that.
Paul, your comments are unfounded, offensive, and violations of the Firefighter Nation user agreement. Enough is enough.
In other words, you are unable to post any evidence that your accusations have any merit or that they are based on any fact.

You are claiming that I (and others) have said things that we demonstrably have not. No one except you have said that possessions are more important than a human life. Apparently, you're the only one in this discussion that has trouble making that distinction.
Your mixing your inanities with your illiteracy.
Paul, your comments are not accurate, they are offensive, and they are violations of the user agreement for Firefighter Nation. It's past time for you to stop posting this kind of stuff.
hmmm who is perpetuating the conversational cycle?

who in this conversation knows better and yet still continues?

i'm just sayin... not picking a fight...

as a training point - when does someone stand to end the conversation and walk away

one side can not fight alone for long - it takes an opposing party to perpetuate............... right?

You seem to be buying into Paul's habit of blaming the wrong person.
"...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

William Shakespeare
I know this is going to come off as snobbish, but could you please use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar? I'm getting a headache trying to understand your posts.

As for why he didn't shoot? He hasn't been training enough, his muscle memory isn't what it should be. If he keeps it up, he's going to be a LODD and a memory. He screwed up. Bad.
I was about to say, Heather, it didn't seem like it was geared towards me. lol

But thank you for the clarification.

i am not blaming anyone... really...


just watching people argue with a brick wall.. beginning to question the fun... and education... and logic... in that

i'll shut up and go away now...

p.s. I have not heard the word bogus in decades... thanks... i needed a good laugh this morning.

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