I would like to know what happens in your area if a Fire Department was responding to calls in the surounding areas with being paged by dispatch or being requested by the local Fire Department. Which means during the response no one knows that Fire Department is responding. They are responding with light and sirens going during the response and know one knows untill they show up on scene. What would happen in your area to the Department or Captain that tells his guys to respond.

If they were in an accident who would the person they hit go after the town, fire department or the captain that ordered the response. Would anyone be disciplined for the as far as I am concerned, Illegal response or is not illegal to respond in this way.

Thank you

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This type of response has shit written all over it. Bad news from so many different areas including safety, liability, insurance, etc
how about accountability???? that said dept. shows up to a call runs inside and something happens. who will know they are there untill it's to late. That is why we DO NOT FREELANCE! That Capt is putting everyone's lives at unnessesary risk, and should face repercussion for it.
well the full time guys jump our calls all the time, but they tell people they are going.
Just to help me out what is a whacker?
What do you mean BS could you explain.
BS= Bullshit
Don't forget about dispatch. If they think the company is at the station, what happens when there is an emergency in their district? Can we say response delay? Will the captain try to cover his behind and just up and leave to take care of his district?

If anybody on here thinks this is a good idea, please speak up!
It's hard for me to believe this is really happening! Do you have a grudge against this department? Is this a personal thing going on? Why would you ask this, did you ask your Chief?

Just--- curious??
First I would't make something up and ask for replies. Second I asked because I was wondering what happens in other place when this takes place and what do they do when it does.

For the reply because it is always good to get eveyones view on an issue.
When it comes to Jaws calls our view has always been two sets run at the same time due to the highways we cover and you never know when a tool brakes, safe than sorry. this seems to work fine with the one other department in our area and we help each other with mutual aid. The department in questions wants to do the same but they don't want us responding with them in the city limits. We want them running with us on jaws calls due to the area and they would be closer than the other department that eveything is ok with as far as response.

We are just asking that they be called out to assist or are paged out not to respond without anyone knowing they are responding.
Hello Art, long time.
Has this been mentioned to said department? Sensitive issue, I realise, but, it's either a constant feeling of resentment towards them or building a bridge for better cooperation.

Are you making any headway in your personal quest regarding volunteer responders?
take care.
Art, I didn't say you made this situation up! I was wondering why wouldn't your Chief step in, and have address the issue with the department in question? Couldn't he have been the one with the answers you were looking for?

You asked what would other departments do? May I ask, what has your department done to address the issue? Just asking..

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