I just wanted to see how others felt about entry through garage doors. A lot of what I see demonstrated online or at different classes seem to teach that garage doors are a great way to enter burning homes. As a FT FF/PM that installs and services garage door on the days off, I can not disagree more. While it does have it's uses, it seems that most of the time you can save more house and firefighters by going in a different route and using the garage door as a venting source if need be. My biggest hang-up with garage doors as main entry points is that propped or not, you have placed a large steel wall above your head. You cannot check the attic above you and good luck if the rafters the back of the door is attached to burn up.
Please feel free to share your views. Maybe I'm missing something!!

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I think you do what is necessary and dictated by the fire scene.

But don't forget this cluster f**k that has been doing the rounds for a while...

All depends on the fire and what access you have, if that is the only entry point then use it, otherwise the time it takes to open the garage door may be longer than using a different door on the structure. But I do agree that with the door open you do have a larger piece of material above you suspended on a track attached to the wall and ceiling, and hoping the fire has not reached the attic in the area above your head
This video is shown to all the new probies at the academy during FFI. It's also one of the reasons I carry Vise Grips in my turnouts and why, if we have a garage fire, I make sure to grab an extra pike pole.
What do you mean "above my head"...? If I get to the point of entering that way you don't think I am going to leave it intact do you..?? It will be in the driveway acting as our "welcome home" mat.......Stay safe...Keep the Faith....Paul
Paul, you're at least on the same page as I am. As I said above this way of entry has it's uses. However, most of the time this is discussed in a fire situation, the majority wants to prop the damn thing open.
Well.....I never said I was a gentle person.....I just like to "Get 'r Done".....and as safe as possible for me and the men involved....Doors can be replaced....one of my people can't......Paul
I agree. If you need to access through the garage, HELLO K-12 saw. Cut the sob out entirely and you have 0 issue with getting locked in by a closing garage door.

At the least we can try to catch you some side work Allen. :)

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