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Ok, I am on a Lieutenant on a volunteer department, nobody is paid. I am part of the Rules and Regulations commitee. We are trying to impliment requirements for the department into our rules and regs. Due to these changes everyone is freaking out because we want them to take classes as a requirement. (FFI and FFII, EMT, CPR, Wildland 130 &190, Etc.) (Keep in mind, the department pays for the trainings not them) I feel that since we are taking on more calls and due to members who aren't trained, in my opinion should not be part of the department if they are unable to perform the tasks that may come. Numerous members are complaining about there normal jobs would interfere with the training, I understand that is the prioirty but most members who say the trainings interfere with there job also don't make calls or other department trainings. In other words they are no use to me and the department. If I were I.C. and the individual showed up I would be more worried due to the fact that the individual isn't trainined because they won't show up to training and is now a risk to me and my team. I was wondering what are your requirements to be hired on at volunteer departments. If your a paid agency then what are your opinions on requirements for a volunteer department? Also if you have websites which list your requirements for volunteers please list in your post so I can show current members that we aren't the only ones with requirements. Thanks for your input and help. Hopefully some of the members will realize that volunteer departments need to have sufficient training even if we don't get paid. Thanks

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Hey Capt. Stimpy, ahh sorry D.C. Stimpy, your brother Capt. Ren here. I 'm glad to see that medication finally kicked in by the fifth paragraph. I don't think I could have read your complete posting as your alter ego Clem-Bob was writing it. As always, you continually impress me with your growing vocabulary. Thank the good man above for the Evelyn Wood reading and "Hooked on Phonics" programs.
Firefighter 1 must be taken with in three years.
I was reading this post with thought of posting this but it seems you've beat me Mr. Tom lol

Grant Money can help you out in so many ways, but alas without the proper training of firefighters in your dept, any grant application your department sends in will more than likely be rejected.

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