hey yall. i know that this topic can be a very controversial one, but i just wanna get some of your feelings on this.

what do you guys think about having a relationship with a girl (guys) or guy (girls)? now, befor you ansewer, a few things might change your mind----- maybe if you are in a leadership role within your post (president, chief, captain, etc), your decision making 'skills' might be impared bc you favor one person (your lover lol) over the rest of the mebers.

what do ya think???

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Reality check time! no one needs to be flirting, making out or worrying about another firefighter "just so hot" factors at the firehouse or at explorer activities. It's not what you are there for. It is a workplace. It just doesn't belong there and if you think it does you don't belong there. Do what you want to away from there but don't spill it into the firehouse.
There is no time for that "stuff" in the fire service! THat can cause you to lose your focus, lose your interest, become the big shot>>>>> All kinds of stuff! Keep that away from your department!!!
It can be good or bad. We have two married couples on our fire department. Our Chief and his wife and myself and my husband. The way that my husband and I handle it is that when we are on a fire scene, he does his job and I do mine. He is the Fire Marshall and Engineer. I am a volunteer. The Chief and his wife operate the same way. If anything, we are harder on each other. We do not play favorites when it comes to getting the job done. It is all in how you handle it.
Don't play where you work, or as some say "You don't poop where you eat" In house relationships never turn out good, especially for young people. When the relationship goes away the people don't. The other big thing is if the person you are with gets hurt on the job, then the Dept. has lost not one but two people no matter what a person says or how tough they think they are.
I've seen it happen more than once in my 35 years, and even had to threaten a couple with no job if they could not keep it out of work.(That's the breaking up problems)(and before that it was the jealous problems)
honestly relationships need to be left at the door when you go to the fire station. I volunteer at the same station where my future husband works and you will never see us touching each other or kissing each other on the job. The only time that happens is when I leave to go home. Plus I started out as a Junior firefighter and was the President of our group and was dating one of the other juniors and we did not touch each other when we were at the station. The thing is you have to act professional every where you go even if you are just a junior. Because in the long run people are going to look back and think of how you acted before and judge. Relationships at the fire station if you let it go to far will become drama and no one likes to have drama around the fire station.
I would keep it away from the firehouse it will only bring bad things in the future I know from experience.
Good luck bro!!!
I think it centers around acting like adults. We have two married couples on out dept. I am half of one of them.
We don't play kissy-face at the firehouse, at meetings, or on the fire scene. He is in a position of leadership and he treats me the same as any other member. When we are on the fire scene, we each do our job and we don't have any problems. Same with the other couple. My husband and I have been married a long time. At home we're married, on the dept. we are fellow firefighters. I quess it comes down to whether or not you can handle it. We as well as the other couple make it work. I really don't see its any different than siblings or father/son, etc. on the same dept.
Don't DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
I would warn against it I did it and it lead to trouble I was in charge and all it lead to is us doing things that shouldnt be done while working and things got awakard espically when we broke up.

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