I need some advice. Do yal think dating someone inside the fire service will have any effect on the relationship itself.

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Personally I don't think it is a good idea....On a scene you need to keep your head focused on your task at hand and if it is a bad call I don't see ow you can focus without worrying about your sig other and "looking out" for him/her a little more than maybe what is needed...
I am glad Im not the only one out there that really likes that smell...Im not crazy :)
Well it's a social club, of course people are going to date. Isn't that the whole point of joining a department, to date? That and getting all kinds of lights on your POV, right, ya'll?
NO, Jack, that is the second reason for joining. The first is so you can look important in your FF shirt and your radio slung over your shoulder and with your pager hanging off your pocket. THAT'S when the girls notice you so you can then start dating. And don't forget free vehicle registration too. Have to throw that in there.

And to all who read this,yes, I know... we are not all like that....but they're out there.

Oops,, in reply to the post, I feel that as long as both parties discuss, understand and agree with each other on their issues, then go ahead, have at 'er.
I would not think that would have an adverse effect if the person you were dating was at another agency. Dating inside the same agency causes all kinds of problems, especially if the relationship goes downhill. Dating within the FS shouldn't have any adverse effect on the relationship itself. In fact, it might be good for the relationship. More things in common. Good luck.
I thought EMS meant "Earn Money while Sleeping." Isn't that right, Ralph?
Hey ffchick, seems like that kid is going all out and not holding back any wackerness. Are you sure that one of the radios was not a mobilke scanner??

Like I said, they're out there.

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