Is everyone ready for this years FILL THE BOOT? I think it is for a wonderful cause. How many departments out there participate? What are some good ways to raise money?

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I think almost every dept. here participates. Good pre-publicity really helps fill the boot.
We did a fill the boot last year, hope they continue this year.
C'mon guys, Let's get involved!!! Just giving the discussion a bump. This is something I'm kinda passionate about. =)
We here in Spartanburg, South Carolina do it every year.
Does anyone have an tips or tricks to raise more money???
I started on the department in 1993 and in 1994 I was the first one to give the Fill the Boot a try. Myself and a couple of guys raised $350. Since then, we have made it apart of our department and last year we raised $2300.00. We go to the local gas stations and wash the car windows of the drivers and you'd be amazed how many of them donate their change. Even those with credit cards, will go and make change or even dump out their ash tray. We can easily manage two gas stations with about 10 guys and their wives and children help out also. The stations give us free drinks as well. I've had the local businesses help out as well. One of them was Jeff Marcus (who a FFN member) owns a restaraunt in town and has a coin toss. Heads the money for the meal went to the MDA and tails they had to pay the restaraunt. We had good money that year. Another occasion we had a chiropractor who gave us his pay for the MDA. Every patient he saw that day the money went to the MDA. Hope this helps.
1-Media coverage
2- You've got to find a great place to do this. We have a large intersection by a fwy on-ramp. Stopped cars and boots=$$$
Have your people get enthusiastic about it. They have fun and the motorists seem to respond by, if they were on the fence, a smile and a wave will many times sway them to donate.
When is the official "fill the boot" day? I know my department doesn't usually do this, but I'm going to try to get some other guys and see if we can't make it happen. It's a great cause and it's kinda embarrassing to think we don't do this.
Montgomery Fire has been taking part for about 10 years now. We actually start collecting on weekends next month. Its a great cause!
Not Really sure, I will find out and post it. I think we are going to set out cans as soon as possible at local businesses.
That's cool. Our district is in a very rural area though, so we don't have a lot of places to go.

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