Ok..... I am buying a MOTOROLA HT1000 VHF 16 channel and all that jazz...... Are the PL tones and the PL codes the same thing?????? And are the PL's what enable you to talk on the radio???? Please answer ASAP....The bid is almost closed and I'm the highest bidder by a good sum.....thanks

J Cooper

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I would look into it but I've pretty much already bought this one.......
I will agree with Ted's observations and add this: While Motorola DOES make good radios, bear in mind that 1. the HT1000 is probably a 20 year old radio and/or technology, unless you are VERY desperate for portables, you may want to consider newer. 2. Motorola's programming software is propriatary(sp?), they guard it like gold. Unless you have a copy (specifically for the HT1000) or are willing to pay a tech/dealer to program it for you... something else to think about. My 2 cents.

?? Why are you "buying" a radio?
I'm confused as to why you're buying a radio. Every truck/line officer has multiple radios and one is always within reach when needed. and county would totally laugh/ I would get in trouble if I had a portable in my car and goes 23-190 on radio. On a call if u need one u would have one and if u need to buy one, then you dont physically need one. You can listen whos responding by switching to C on pager or on a scanner. I got my scanner at RadioShack for $150 and programmed for free...
Because....Why spend the same amount of money for almost the same thing....except the PTT..
That is my opinion....And what If I'm out, no cell phone,or service, and there is a serious car accident....a scanner isn't gonna do me NO good......
Jacob....Only your Chief can give you authorization to carry a potable radio....this isn't something you can go out and buy for the sake of having one or for "what ifs"....and also while on the subject...portable scanners in private vehicles are a real No-No (at least here in NY) Our friends in Blue really discourage this....Save yuor $$$$ Money...if you "need" one then let the Chief (or Officers) know and they will make the call....Many departments have too many people chatting on the portables as it is.....You hear it all the time....heck they even call to let someone know they are on the way to the station.......Paul
OOPS....!!!! Jacob....Just read your profile.....You aren't even in the department yet....You are a Jr.......Don't buy it....To be frank you have no business even having one in your possession at this point....you may get yourself into trouble and find yourself unable to join the department later......Paul
That is your reason for wanting a portable. Dude, pull the Wacker out of your ass. Grow up and stop trying to be the hero. Next thing you know you'll be calling in the big house fire.....

Is the ink even dry on your application yet, junior?
OK!!!!!! This is to everyone!! I talked with one of the OFFICERS....Yes, I can have one....I can't talk on it though.....I am closing the discussion now.....
OK if you can have one but cant talk on it the radio is worthless. Just get you a port. Scanner. They are alot cheaper. Belive me i was the gung-ho jr to. You will indeed get in trouble doing this just wait and when the time is right you will get your turn to tote the radio.
right so u can call in an accident... i did the same thing last week... I called 911 and said theres a car accident at blah and blah interection. I'm a probe firefighter and in EMT school and the people claim their are no injuries after I ran over to check it out. Then with the other people who stopped for it, we managed traffic around it and cleaned up car parts until the police arrived and took command. But look I had NO radio, didnt touch a single person and clearly told dispatch that I wasnt fully trained and I knew what info they needed.

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